Is juice plus any good for you?

I’m concerned for a friend. She’s tried dieting for years and nothing ever works for her so she’s just purchased this juice plus and you have to shakes as a day aswell a healthy meal. I’ve researched abit online and she just listened to what other people told her about the Product instead of looking at reviews before buying! Online there is good and bad things about it. Few people are saying its a scam and nobody knows what is in it? Just wondering if anybody could tell me anything they know about it? What’s it in, if its good for you etc. Thanks.


  • Several of these bioavailability studies also reported improved antioxidant capacity and reduced lipid peroxides, a key indicator of oxidative stress. In addition, researchers at the Medical University of Graz, Austria and the University of North Carolina, Greensboro found that Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blends together were effective in reducing a marker for oxidative stress associated with aerobic exercise. In a follow-up study at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro Juice Plus+ was also shown to reduce oxidative stress resulting from resistance exercise (such as strength training) compared to placebo.

  • Richard English

    I have a wonderful diet – it’s called "not eating too much". One good meal a day and nothing more (except juice or a similar low-calorie drink) should be enough for anyone. Keeping to that level will the the "secret" of this juice – nothing else.

    I have managed with just one good meal and a couple of pints of good beer every day for all my adult life. I am now 70, in rude health and at 5” 11", weigh just 11.5 stone.

    As this is the beer, wine and spirits area I felt you were expecting a beer-related answer.

  • After much research and many hours on the internet, I was very sceptical about juice plus. I decided to try it out. I managed to get in touch with a distributor that helped her customers and always had the information I was looking for. Once I purchased the shakes I was added to her ”Support Group” on facebook and I was amazed to see the amount of weight people were losing. Not to mention recipes and people sharing thoughts and helping one another. After chatting to her I was sold. I decided to go for the shakes and after taking the product I immediately felt the great benefits it was giving me on a day to day basis. I had a lot more energy, I was feeling healthy and great, and the bonus was I was losing weight. I have now been using Juice plus for 2 years and am currently taking the capsules. I really don’t know what I’d be doing without them. The support group is absolutely great and I find myself spending much time on the group and have made so many new friend in all parts of the world. It is also really great to see people achieving their goals and working together for a healthier living! Check this out here and I bet you’ll be sold to!

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