Do I have Colon Cancer?

For the past couple of days I have been experiencing pains in my upper left abdomen along with the right side of my abdomen. The pains are not constant, they come and go and the pains are not present in both places at the same time. I’m really worried. My parents have just told me that they are growing pains and that they will go away on their own. I’m 15 years old. Also, last week I was also experiencing pain in both right and left sides of my lower back. I’m afraid of anything to do with Cancer, and even dying. Please help! Thanks.
Oh, I almost forgot. In January I was constipated for 3 weeks and had to have an enema. However, I have been passing my waste normally since then. I don’t know if this helps.


  • NO . You do not have colon cancer . First sign of colon cancer is ;; Blood in your stools ; rapid lost of weight ; also at 15 ; colon cancer is almost in-existent . but if you are still concern about your health see a doctor Note ;; I lost many relatives from colon cancer ; that why I know the sign ; but they were all in their 50 ties and 60 ties

  • rent249

    No, you don’t have cancer. You probably have gas.

  • ChemoAngel

    When you get those pains, drink 1 mug of Hot water with 2 tsp of sugar in it. Drink as many as you need. See if that helps. Hot water and sugar have worked wonders for my stomach issues. That is good that your bowel movements are normal. It is highly unlikely to be cancer.

  • tod m

    Kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar.
    Get the a1c test.

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