Can anyone recommend a natural remedy for sudden hearing loss?


  • sleepyhead

    If you have sudden hearing loss go to the ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat Doc) RIGHT AWAY!!!!!

    I am an audiologist. Patients who come to the ENT right away find out what’s going on. If it’s wax, it can be removed in the office. If it’s an ear infection, you can get antibiotics. BUT if it’s a sudden sensorineural hearing loss, treatment with steroids (usually prednisone) ASAP improves patients’ chances of recovering their hearing. It is also true that delaying treatment increases your risk of not recovering hearing. This is my clinical experience.

    PLEASE, do not delay. If you want to ask about natural remedies, please have your hearing tested first to know the cause.

    Here’s more info from the NIH page:

  • brightlamp

    Go naturally to see an ENT specialist. try to avoid health food stores, richard simmons and snake oil

  • tweetybrrd

    Go to the clinic and have the doctor check your ears. They may be temporarily plugged with wax. He can flush them out, or you can buy an ear wax cleaning kit at the drug stores. Ear candles also work.

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