What are some medical conditions that could explain why my body reacts badly to hot and cold?

Is there a medical condition that can explain my body’s bad reactions to hot and cold?

I’m always very cold…In indoor west coast summer heat, I’m chilly and want a sweatshirt. Almost always. In the summer, I sleep with 3 thick blankets to be comfortable. 6 in the winter.

In hot weather or in a hot shower, I get dizzy, and feel faint or light-headed. I’ve blacked out and hit my head I got so hot once. We have already confirmed this has nothing to do with blood sugar or heart rate, I’ve had that all checked.

I’m still a teenager, and have no issues with my ovaries or the like, so I don’t think it’s a hormonal issue…I haven’t gone through menopause, is the point.

Is there some kind of medical condition that names my problem, or is there something that can be done? Thank you.
-I don’t get muscle cramps very often, at least not from temperature.

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  • justwondering

    Thyroid conditions. Raynaud’s can make you have bad circulation in cold weather but would not explain fainting in hot weather.

    A few rare ion channel disorders have symptoms which fluctuate with temperature.

    Endocrine problems.

    Damage to the hypothalamus.

    Do you get weak or get muscle cramps in hot or cold weather?

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