Natural remedies to help with restless sleep?

I’ve been having real difficulties sleeping well. I toss and turn all night, wake up on and off, and can never seem to be comfortable.

Anyone know of any natural remedies or anything to help get a better night of sleep?



  • littlestarrgirl

    my mum takes this tablet called valerian
    it stinks
    but it knocks her out for the night
    you should be able to get it at health food shops 🙂

  • Taylor M

    1. Exercise!!!!
    2. Melatonin
    3. Kava Kava
    4. Yoga
    5. Meditation
    6. Calm you mind
    7. Make a list of everything you need to do tomorrow and forget it.

  • wack off while ur in bed im not kidding this has been tested

  • ninety9point8

    I have been a restless sleeper. And I did find a cure. I want to approach you from a basis of believablily. I tried pills, liquor, masturbation, white-noise, and more Sports Center than anyone. Try this. When you first lay down, lay on your back. Give yourself a minute or two to get used to the idea of sleeping. Then clinch every muscle in your body(all at the same time) for about 10 seconds. release. then start breathing. but pay attention to it. In through the nose, out through the mouth. when i say "pay attention" i mean feel the cool air against your nose hairs and the back of your sinuses. then feel the warm air released against the back of your throat as you exhale through your mouth. it only takes a few minutes…and you will be out.

  • cannon2007

    Sleep deprivation sucks! I know of a good website that deals with this issue:

    It takes a minute to load because ther’s a short video & opt-in e-mail but it takes a different approach to insomnia & sleeping problems. It doesn’t advocate pills, because they give temporary results.

    I hope you do get relief! Good luck!

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