I am 19y male. should I get circumcised or not. Is it better for partner,s health specially cosidering STDs?

I am 19y male. should I get circumcised or not. Is it better for partner,s health specially cosidering STDs


  • JackieNo

    It is not better for your partners health to be missing parts of your penis. There is no data that shows HIV, HPV or any STD change or any real benefit to cutting off parts of a baby boys penis in the US, EU JP…. Even in Africa (with water issues) about the same number of cut men and natural penis men have HIV. Real world studies how that a man with a natural penis is at no higher risk of HIV and HPV. In the US only the number of sexual partners and not circumcision status is linked to HPV.

    There is now the belief by some that a cut penis is harmful to women and there is evidence that a cut penis is not the best for female sexual pleasure. Most of the worlds men are natural. That allows people to have natural sex, the way we evolved to have it. Circumcision is a weird thing — a cutting off of the main male pleasure zones. This is tons of pleasure giving nerves, blood vessels, protective covering and pleasure zones. The dynamics of the penis is changed for good. A woman that says she likes cut men is no better than a man that says he likes cut women (circumcised women typically have had their clitoral hood and labia cut off). This is serious genital modification (mutilation) of the male with more nerves cut than female circumcision. It does lead men to want oral and anal more, because vaginal sex is less satisfying after the cut of these parts. Cut men have more premature ejaculation issues as the scar is now the most sensitive part and they have lost control of orgasm timing. It leads to sexual dysfunction at a young age. The cut men in the world use most of the VIAGRA consumed.

    Having all of ones penis is better than having innervated parts cut off. For the male, the long term harm is huge with nerve damage and harm to the sensory system. A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips, nipples and fingertips have similar touch sense.

    As to the theory that penis parts should be cut off in order to facilitate hygiene, consider the following comments of a pediatrician. This is certainly a different (and more logical) view of Hygiene:

    "My experience as a pediatrician has convinced me that circumcision makes the penis dirtier, a fact that was confirmed by a study recently published in the British Journal of Urology.1 For at least a week after circumcision, the baby is left with a large open wound that is in almost constant contact with urine and feces–hardly a hygienic advantage. Additionally, throughout life the circumcised penis is open and exposed to dirt and contaminants of all kinds. The wrinkles and folds that often form around the circumcision scar frequently harbor dirt and germs.

    Thanks to the foreskin, the intact penis is protected from dirt and contamination. While this important protective function is extremely useful while the baby is in diapers, the foreskin provides protection to the glans and urinary opening for a lifetime. At all ages, the foreskin keeps the glans safe, soft, and clean.

    Throughout childhood, there is no need to wash underneath the foreskin. Mothers used to be advised to retract the foreskin and wash beneath it every day. This was very bad advice indeed. When the foreskin becomes fully retractable, usually by the end of puberty, your son can retract it and rinse his glans with warm water while he is in the shower."

  • SethSpeaks

    You should be wearing condoms anyway, so the sexual health thing is not really an issue. First, before all the anti circ nuts start spewing ridiculous overstatements, I have experienced both ways, and I can tell you it doesn’t take away all your sensation or make you impotent or any of that other nonsense, and it is good for hygiene. So the question comes down to whether you want to do it for your own personal reasons or not. It won’t harm you if you do, but depending on your circumstances, it might not be right for you. Do you have smegma under your foreskin? Are you able to fully retract your foreskin? Do you have an odor? If you aren’t using condoms (not very smart) are you thoroughly cleansing your glans after every sexual encounter? If you do decide to get circumcised, then do it for your own reasons and follow the post op care exactly and you will be fine.

    PS Don’t you find it odd that the majority of those who have the greatest outcry over circumcision were not actually ever circ’ed themselves? Yet they proclaim to know all about it never having experienced it. I suppose the entire Jewish community of men are all impotent? Not hardly!!

  • NOT. Unless you have difficulty pulling your foreskin back, or there are religious reasons, then there is no need. Circumcision may dull some of the senses in your dick and also prevent a foreskin from protecting the sensitive head. Obviously a circumcised dick is easier to clean, but cleaning a dick with a foreskin is easy, as long as it’s done regularly (daily or more often). Sexual Infection will occur whether the dick is circumcised or not. But condoms will avoid most infections, along with common sense.

    So, keep the foreskin, keep it washed and fresh and keep it….safe!

  • Philip H

    I am 60. I am circumcised. It was decided for me when I was born. I have absolutely no regrets. Most boys in those day were circumcised and we were all alike. There is movement toward stopping the practice today. If you have a medical problem in the area and it’s recommended then yes. If you have no issues than no. There are studies that say women have a lesser incidence of Cervical cancer if they have a circumsised partner. Others say that circumcised men spread HIV to a lesser degree. Who knows? My partner prefers circumcised. I generally don’t ask women what they like. As far as sensitivity, I speak only for myself. No problem.

    PS My Uncle was 84 years old when he had it done. Medical necessity. Ask around and good luck.

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