Hyper Thyroid?

My doctor is pressuring me to have a radiation procedure done. This is not something that I am interested in. Is there anyone who has a thyroid condition that is being maintained well with drugs? Or would it be better to have it obliterated? I dont really know what to do. Thanks for the help.


  • tropicalladybird

    You want to be wary of the I-131(iodine 131). Severe side effects have been known to accompany the usage of this radioactive iodine. And before you go into surgery think about changing your diet first. Eat plenty broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, peaches, pears, rutabagas, soybeans, spinach and turnips. These foods help suppress thyroid hormone production. Avoid stimulants, coffee, tea, nicotine and soft drinks. Avoid dairy products for at lease three months. You’ll also want to add vitamin supplements to your diet. Take a multivitamin and mineral complex (as directed on label), increased amount of vitamins are needed for your "hyper" metabolic condition. Use a super-high-potency formula. You’ll also need a B complex(50 mg 3x daily with meals) plus extra B1(50 mg 2x daily) and B2(50 mg 2x daily) and B6(50 mg 2x daily). The B complex is needed for thyroid function, injections under doctors supervision may be necessary. B1 is for blood formation and energy levels, B2 is required for normal functioning of all cells, glands and organs in the body. B6 activates many enzymes and is needed for immune function and antibody production. Essential fatty acids(take as directed on label) will also be helpful. These fatty acids are needed for correct glandular function. Also lecithin capsules(1200 mg 3x daily before meals) aids in digestion of fats and protects the lining of all cells and organs. I hope this was helpful to you.

  • fred s

    Most people have ablation done with radioactive iodine you don’t get that much radiation.
    the main side effect is that eventually you become HYPOthyroid and need to take thyroid supplement.
    I don’t know which drugs you are taking but you can look the side effects up on the Internet if you know the names.
    you will probably find that long term treatment with your pill has more side effects than the radioactive iodine a treatment which has been around for a long time and works quite well.

  • ♥austingirl♥

    I don’t have hyperthyroidism, but I have learned about it in Nursing School. I think that obliterating your thyroid is a good idea, I would if I were in your shoes. After the procedure you will have HYPOthyroidism, and you will need life-long meds. for it. There are reasons while your doc is pushing it. You are at risk of a "thryoid storm" which is a life-threatening emergency, and I (personally) wouldn’t want to take that risk. Good luck to you!


  • Jazzie

    I have a hypothyroid condition and about 10 years ago, I underwent radioactive iodine treatment. Its a simple enough procedure which the doctor assured me back then was absolutely safe but now I’ve learned from my endocrinologist that it is not advisable especially for women of child bearing ages. I suggest that you explore other alternative ways of treatment. I am now on Eltroxin and is being monitored by my endocrinologist every quarter. I can say that my condition has stabilized and that my medication works for me.

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