Has anyone done a colon cleanse? did it help you start weightloss?

I’ve heard doing a colon cleanse helps you start losing weight. I’ve had friends who swear by it. But I wanna know if it heloed anyone else lose weight? By doing a colon cleanse, eating healthy and exercising?

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  • Hi Lala,

    For any kind of weight loss system program three points are very important

    1.Healthy diet plan
    2.Regular Exercise
    3.Good Digestive system (Colon Health)

    Healthy Diet Plan: Good food which helps to improve our immunity system and all proper intakes of vitamin and protein keeps your body fit

    Regular exercise: Regular Exercise and workout makes your body fit and strong and helps you to survive with any kind of physical damage, control your weight gain and fat store control.

    Colon Health: If your digestive system is good it means all body system works normal because digestive system is totally responsible for regular flow of body and if it disturbed so result will cause weight gain. So proper cleanse of colon add extra supports in weight loss program successfully

    There are 2 ways of colon cleanse

    (a)Natural Way of Colon Cleanse
    (b)Supplements for Colon Cleanse

    There are lots of supplements available in market which claims to cleaned colon effectively but selection of proper product who works perfect on colon without any side-effects.

    You can check here all points should take care before buying and colon cleanse product

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