does anybody know a natural remedy for a headache?


  • Misty B

    Many headaches are caused by dehydration. Lots of artificial sweeteners cause dehydration which in turn causes headaches. So, for example if you drink a lot of diet drinks you are actually drinking MORE to combat the thirst and causing more dehydration.

    Try replacing all artificially sweetened drinks with water and adding more water to your diet. Drinking water will combat the dehydration which will open your blood vessels and reduce the pressure that causes headaches.

    Another good thing to try is to get lavendar oil (usually at a health store) and put a small dab underneath your nostrils and on your temples. Lavendar is a natural headache pain reliever.

    I hope these suggestions help. They work pretty well for me.

  • valbriannazjosh

    Take a nap.

  • Mr. Potato Head

    If it is caused by tension then you can stretch your neck to the side and up and down to relieve the tension and the headache will go away.

  • Put your hands in the hottest water you can tolerate, unless you have a hottub… then get in and relax… :o)

  • jono1o1

    bang you re head against a wall

  • Witchywoo

    a cold compress with lavender essential oil

  • john b


  • Meagan B

    Sometimes u get a headache from being dehidrated, so drink somes water. Also it can be caused by a change in sleep habits, or eating habits. So if you get enough sleep, and eat normal, and drink enough water you can just avoid the whole thing.

  • vlalto

    ice pack to the head

  • donktheclown

    You can try running cool water over your wrists for a few minutes.

  • Marty K

    I’ve heard of something called "Feverfew" (sp?) at the health food store, but I’ve never tried it. Take some Alka Seltzer – it’s okay once in a while.

  • massage on the neck and the head

  • restrepo_camila

    this is what my grandma says…
    slice potataoes and lay down face up and put them on your forehead.

    weird…i know…but surpisingly works!!!

  • NYTrader55


  • j_son_06

    Rest. Take a nap, it always helps me.

  • Taletha A

    Avoid sleeping in on the weekend. You are more and likely to wake up with a headache.
    Hot Showers help
    Excessive noise is a common tigger for tension headaches.
    Protect your eyes
    Watch your caffeine intake.
    Go easy on the salt
    Eat on Time

    These are some of the home remedies out of my grandmothers book

  • Lovelystar

    A Nap always helps because 1/2 the time I am under one of the symptoms listed below. Try and see if you have any of the problems listed below.

    Common causes of headaches include:

    Alcohol, caffeine, or other drug use or withdrawal.
    Changes in the levels of chemicals in the body (neurotransmitters).
    Coughing or sneezing.
    Dental problems or procedures, such as pain from grinding the teeth or from a root canal.
    Eating or drinking cold foods and fluids.
    Emotional stress.
    Exposure to smoke or fumes from chemicals, including carbon monoxide.
    High altitude. Lower oxygen levels at high altitudes can cause headaches.
    Medical procedures, such as the aftereffects of a lumbar puncture (spinal tap).
    Medications. Many medications can cause headaches.
    Muscle strain in the neck, upper back, or shoulder muscles.
    Upper respiratory infections.

  • N!cole

    i always drink warm green tea and massage the temples of my forehead

  • telle489

    I would suggest drinking hot water (*that you can stand drinking, not too hot that it will burn*) with lemon in it, a lot of it. Then try to lay down and get at least 20 minutes of rest/sleep.

  • Try accupressure. It focuses on pressure points, like in acupuncture, but you can just apply pressure with your fingers instead of using scary needles. I have no idea how it works, but the results are almost instantaneous.

    Here’s a link to a really great guide with diagrams:

    "Using your thumbs, gently massage points, located on your temples. You are supposed to barely touch the skin, the purpose of this part is to relax the patient…."

  • Not really here

    I suffer from headaches. Don’t have any answers for you but thanks to those who did answer, gave me some alternatives.

  • Dustin S

    Alcohol – is one – if you are ok with a nip or two – not saying to get drunk – but it thins the blood – a head ache is caused by a tiny blood clot in the capillaries of your brain – people with a slow heart rate – below 60 – get them more frequently than others. But many are simply dehydrated – and don’t know it. Drink lots of water – not juice or soda – WATER – many think they have hydrated enough in a day because they had 5 glasses of juice and a couple of sodas – not true – for each juice or soda – you need water to flush whats in it – out – your body will do that with its supply – and – this supply needs replenished. Cut down on salty foods and the coffee – drink hot tea – some drink just plain hot water to be absorbed quickly – Do not read a book when you have one – rest. Prevention is the natural cure, but remedies do exist – Have you recently gone all natural -or- Organic? Check out Whole Foods Vitamin and Medicine section. There is a wide variety of pills – with All Natural ingredients – good luck

  • creative writer

    Drink Water

    massage lavander/peppermint oil (available at most healthfood stores) into your temples and (optional) forehead.

    take vitamins

    put a cold compress over your eyes/forehead

    lay on on your back with a (very thin) blanket over your face and listen to relaxing music.

  • Peppermint oil. If you rub it on your temples it relaxes you as well as the headache. My dad gets constant migranes and instead of taking the medication (that would make him groggy) he found that this was an excellent substitute.

  • Andy Abner Rivera

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  • groundingpoint

    Put your thumbs on the bony bump behing your ears.

    Slide your thumbs along the ridge at the bottom part of your skull, towards the back. Your fingers will fall into two little ditches-once you are there, push up.

    You have performed headache accupressure on yourself.

  • Headaches can be caused by a number of things, from intracranial pressure, forward head posture, problems of the cervical spine, neuromuscular reflexes causing referred pain, ect. Basically your body is telling you something and you need to find out what it is and have the problem taken care of! The best thing you could do is see a chiropractor for this problem. They have the highest success rate for reducing the number and frequency of headaches. The fact that you have vision problems when you have your headaches points toward intracranial pressure. An upper cervical chiropractor is your best bet.
    Good luck!

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