Too much salt bad for my health?

I’m a 17 year old girl. I consume a lot of salt each day. It doesn’t even need to be in any food. I just put some on my hand and lick it. I want to know if too much salt can harm me in any way.


  • Dinilia

    Of course YOU MUST STOP with consuming salt every day so much..
    Risks for your health are enormous..
    -Stroke and cardiovascular disease.
    -High blood pressure
    -Reduced salt intake also results in a small reduction in blood pressure.
    -Left ventricular hypertrophy (cardiac enlargement)
    -there is accumulating evidence that high salt intake predicts left ventricular hypertrophy.
    -Excessive salt (sodium) intake, combined with an inadequate intake of water, can cause hypernatremia. It can exacerbate renal disease.
    -Stomach cancer is associated with high levels of sodium ect
    So if you are worried about your health, consume salt in normal quality 🙂

  • Lunar

    Yes it can harm you. Salt dries up your blood.

  • karon l


  • Too much salt can lead to hypertension. Also, if you don’t drink enough of water, it can ”dry” your blood, as someone posted above.
    But how in the world you like salt soo much?!

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