Remedies for water retention?

I am retaining water really bad in my legs, and am looking for a natural remedy. I have seen a naturopath about this, but nothing she has given me has helped. Any suggestions?


  • natpractitioner

    Obviously you need to have kidney function testing done by a lab, but until you get to your health practitioner to get an order for lab work, here are a couple of things you can do:

    Stop eating foods with salt. Also stop eating ALL foods with protein. Protein puts a strain on your kidneys and you must stop eating all milk products, meat, fish, etc.

    Eat foods that have a diuretic effect or drink teas made with them. They are:
    Celery seed (and plant)
    Juniper berries

    You can also put your legs into a mustard bath to draw out the swelling somewhat.

    Good luck.

  • Peek prays for All of God kids


  • EAt more foods rich in vitamin B6 as it is a natural diuretic ……….. if you choose to supplement with a B complex get one that includes all the B’s ie ~ B1, B2, B3, b5, B6, B12 and folic acid etc… as they all work best synergistically (together) …. don’t buy any of them individually but rather as a whole group unless specifically told to do so by a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath.

    foods richin B6 (pyridoxine) are ~ brewer’s yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ, liver, fish, cantaloupe, cabbage, unsulphured organic blackstrap molasses (organic to avoid the sulfites and other nasty chemicals they use to "preserve" the commercial varieties), unmilled rice, oats and free range eggs.

    Failing that drink more water ……. at least 8 glasses per day and cut right back on coffee and tea and eliminate sodas, pop and soft drinks if you drink any as they are all terribly dehydrating ………. when the body becomes dehydrated it will respond by holding on to the little bit of water it does have and hence puffiness anywhere in the body will generally result …….. as will puffy bags under your eyes, headaches andmigraines, irritability and moodiness, nausea and digestive troubles such as constipation, constant yawning and dizzy spells.

    peace baby

  • auntb93

    This is no time to fool around with natural remedies. They are fine for minor things that don’t need a doctor, but what you have is edema, and it can kill you! Seriously! My doctor shipped me off to the hospital in an ambulance when she took tests and discovered that it was creeping up on me. You will eventually find your vital organs interfered with.

    It’s ankles first, and then it creeps up your legs. Once it gets into your thighs, you know it is life-threatening. Go to a doctor AT ONCE!

  • prosperity

    Water is the treatment,ha, ha, but seriously it is. I had water retention but now every day my goal is to drink enough water which you can figure it Your weight amount devided by 2= the amount of ounzes of water you need….you kidneys might be having trouble handling all they need to do some give them water by drinking the right amount & you will see you should get better. I did.

  • Real Vegan

    And stop all salty processed foods. If you can just have fruit for a day, and see what happens.

  • angel1966

    Stop eating salt or anything with high sodium. stop drinking sodas (diet or regular) you’ll see the difference, and get a second opinion because it seems you are having problems with your kidneys.

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