• The term colon cleansing is a broad term which may include herbal or laxative products which you take internally as well as the use of enemas or colonics which cleanse by introducing liquids such as pure water or herbal preparations into the colon via a tube or catheter inserted in the anus. Many of the colon cleansing regimens include herbal teas or pills to help soften or loosen colon debris and then enemas or colonics to help hasten the elimination.The value and benefits of colon cleansing are numerous and I will include a few links, and the fact of the matter is that many conventional Md’s do not have any training or knowledge regarding this very beneficial treatment so asking their opinion on it is likely not going to yield any positive result.
    I have personally used Dr. Bernard Jensens bowel cleansing regimen and gotten both colonics and enemas with good positive results for my health and well being.

  • Cheech

    i dont know how healty this is but my friend goes on an all water diet over a weekend to clean his system

  • candice r

    They have pills and powder of colon cleanse its pretty good stuff but i have found this stuff called colon blow (colonblow.com) they say the average person has 2-3 undigested meals in their intestines this stuff gets it out of you but it doesn’t give you diarrhea its normal stool but you pass a whole lot of it go to their website and look at the pics its amazing.

  • groundpole

    I believe it is a great way to remove a source of toxic build-up in the body….now, most medical doctors won’t condone it…possibly a naturopath…or holistic doctor with adequate credentials and even a gastroenterologist should so be sought before trying to just do something…

    keep in mind that most "colon blow" remedies have their own "sales pitch reasoning" which do sound good and make sense…the last part of the large intestine before it is considered anus is called the ilium and it suffers the most from putrified food and problems from the small intestine being out of whack…I still believe that there are too many vendors promising too many things and making far more of colong cleansing than should be…believe it or not you know people say opinions are like a@@holes cause everyone has one, but everyone’s is not "one size fits all" so to speak…for instance you could have the beginnings of diverticulitis, some of the colon cleansers may aggravate this condition to be infectious…please, please, seek a medical doctor for advice before just trying something willy nilly..

  • chichibaby

    whenever im feeling constipated,gassy or bloated, i get a colonic aka colon hydrotherapy, its kind of expensive but its def worth it, it cleans my colon out well i miss them…too bad i cant get them anymore since im pregnant..back to being constipated again..lol

  • Tony NY

    Kathleen … Please do yourself a favor and forget about this colon cleansing treatment you’re talking about. It’s bunk, to be plain and frank.

    Unless a doctor directs you to do this for a treatment or in preparation for a procedure, there’s no need. In fact, harm can come to you from these products that promise to clean you out, improve your health, and prolong your life. Actually, though, the only thing that will be improved is the fatness of the wallets of people selling these colon cleansing potions.

    Yes, you can find hundreds of web sites recommending you clean your colon … and they’re all selling some junk to help you do this. This is not only unnecessary, but potentially harmful, too.

    No, I’m not a doctor, but please see my link below with REAL medical information from Web M.D.

  • I personally use a Revolutionary new techonology that is Doctor Recommended and cleanses the whole body.

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