How to cleanse the colon naturally?

Owain it’s health and hygiene, health related articles told me to


  • Who’s told you to "cleanse the colon"?

    Health related articles are usually trying to sell something unless your own doctor has told you do something don’t do it. Detoxing is an example of rubbish people try to push.

  • Pink Donut

    theres no need to "cleanse" your colon. your body does it already.

  • Due to the genetically engineered foods available to us today, you are wise to pursue this course of action. Impacted feces which can lead to toxins trapped in the liver, gaul bladder and pancreas are one of the main causes of disease. I chose to use the coffee retention enema cleanse program followed up by weekly or twice weekly maintenance afterward. I have been using this system for over a year now, and I have never felt better. According to the websites, drinking coffee causes the bile ducts in the above listed organs to constrict, hampering the flow of bile which aids in digestion. The coffee retention enema does just the opposite, dilating the bile ducts and increasing the flow, allowing the liver to get rid of toxins, help to prevent the formation of gaul stones, and cleaning the colon to nearly eliminate the formation of cancerous polyps. The liver cleanses the blood which helps the body remain more healthy overall. I have noticed much clearer mental functions and a drastic improvement in my previously oily complexion. Two age spots I had disappeared. I have drastically improved energy levels. I highly recommend it. Beware of any colon cleanse that you consume that contains Bentonite, as it is common clay used to seal water dams. Common sense tells me that this would plug a person up more than clean them out.

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