help thyroid?

iam having very difficulty loosing weight and ive been gainin more and more weight as ive been tryin to lose it after having my daughter i just keep gaining weight never eating more than i ever have someone suggested maybe i have a thyroid problem can someone tell me their answer?


  • Yes, its possible that you have an undractive thyroid (hypothyroidism) It is very common after having a baby. To test you just need to have blood work, making sure its done first thing in the morning.Most of the time tey only do a TSH and TSH always should be done first ting in the morning because its higher then and you wll more likely get a diagnosis in the morning verses an afternoon test. If possible get other tests as well, because the TSH usually is the last test to detect the condition. Unfortunately its often the only test they do, so many go undiagnosed for years. It happened to me.

    If possible get a TSH, free t4, free t3, and an anitibody test. Once done, get your numbers because the range for TSH is often off at labs like Quest. Basically if the TSH is over 3.0 (AACE recommendations) you should be treated

  • your doctor can tell you if you have an overactive or underactive thyroid…..the latter runs in my family. If you have a problem with your weight, it MIGHT be due to your thyroid.

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    The easy way to find out is to ask your doctor for a T3-T4 test. It’s a simple, normal blood test that will check your thyroid level. If it’s off, the correct pills will be prescribed to help you!

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    Well…if you have a thyroid condition, it would be hypothyroidism. See an endocrine doc who specializes in this. Hope the sources below are helpful 🙂

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    Thyroid problems after pregnancy are somewhat common, especially if thyroid problems run in your family. Weight gain can sometimes be a symptom of hypothyroidism, which is when your body isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones. Usually people also feel sluggish. You can ask your doctor to test your thyroid levels. It’s a simple blood test that you primary care or OB/GYN can do. In fact you probably had one when you were first pregnant.

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