has anyone tried the colon cleaner?

I bought the colon cleaner and it should arrive this week. Has anyone used it? I am hoping that it will detox my body and make my belly flatter like it use to be. Now that i am older- i am always bloated and feel full
i do not have ant weight to lose- it’s my belly thats not flat anymore- it’s bloated and i am not sure why


  • Rayvin M

    my dad and my mom bought their colon cleaner from a health store with supplements and stuff. && they are very pleased. it also helps the chance of having colon cancer. plus it’ll clean you enough so that you won’t feel full && bloated.

  • Jane S

    I’m sorry, but I really doubt that stuff works.

  • Shally tally

    it hurt

  • mariposita

    Yeah, sorry but that stuff is just a scam. Your colon is working fine, and doesn’t need to be "cleansed." You should try exercise and eating better, and you will lose weight.

  • Lynne W

    Yes, at the beginning of each new season.
    Clean pipes are happy pipes.

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