colon cleaner.. Sanar Colon Cleanser 2002?

i am wanting to use this product, i want to loose weight becuse i have a trip in 2 weeks, im gonna have to be in a bathing suitt ugh. anyways if i take this does that mean i wilo be shitting all ther time? i go to schooll and the last thing i need is to shit my pantss


  • longevitynow1

    The best colon cleanse product that actually works is a product by Dr. Suzanne Gudkunst, called "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret." She really gets into the real reason most people are fat and why they have a hard time losing weight, quickly. It’s an excellent product for weight loss & your health in general. But if you are looking to just drop a few pounds quickly Hydroxycut works great!

  • pepperbeast

    "Colon Cleansers" won’t help you lose weight. In fact, they won’t do anything helpful at all. It’s basically a scam. Save your money.

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