what is a colon cleanse?

How should you do it? i would prefer herbs but which ones? and what should you not have while doing it for example alcohol, food, drinks?
Thanks ahead of time…


  • pennysavior2002

    Natural Brand Ultra Colon Care System which you can buy at GNC

    Colon cleansing with powdered or liquid supplements. You take some supplements used for colon cleansing by mouth. Others you take through the rectum. Either way, the idea is to force the colon to expel its contents. You can find these products on the Internet or in health food stores, supermarkets, or pharmacies. They include:
    enemas, laxatives, strong herbal teas, enzymes, powders, antiparasite capsules

    Are there risks associated with natural colon cleansing?
    vomiting, nausea, cramps
    dizziness, a sign of dehydration, which can cause mineral imbalances
    strings of mucus, a sign the body views the cleanser as a toxin
    potential interactions with medications
    bowel perforation

  • Cribber

    Really strong laxative is the short answer. It usually has some kind of irritative vegetable matter such as psyllium husks in it. But that is really it.. laxative. You should not drink alcohol or ocffee while taking colon cleanse.

  • Henry P

    Many people are not aware of the amount of toxins that we pile inside our bodies and some of these build up inside the colon walls into what some experts refer to as spackle or paste. Basically nasty stuff. By eliminating this waste through a colon cleanse you can not only loss weight and feel better but you can also help reduce the risk of getting colon cancer.
    There are many products available to help with a colon cleanse. Myself I prefer to use natural products. Colon XR is a colon cleansing product that is an all natural formula that cleanses your colon helping you lose weight and remove deadly toxins from your body.
    There are many other benefits to a periodic colon cleanse but this tends to be the most common reason why.

    You can learn more about colon cleansing and its health benefits from the following article.

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