what does everyone think of people that have a degree in natural health.?

do you think that that is a good career choice in todays standings.


  • tracey y

    Definately, I considering taking on a acuptuncture and chinese herbalist. I was a non believer in all this stuff. I had pretty bad health and my aunty who is a herbalist and acupuncturist offered her assistence which I ignored and when all other western methods failed I went to her with results quickly. I’m sold and I am doing it.

  • dd_lee123

    I think that people who have studied medicine at a reputable university and also studied naturopathy at a reputable school are very good, but people who have only studied naturopathy, I am concerned that their knowledge is unreliable.
    Don’t do it as anything other than a hobby. The technicalities of running your own business are really quite intense. If you really need to be in the self employed industry, then you MUST do business course first, not a crappy small business course, but an actual business course, that will inform you about legalities, such as needing a license to play music in your waiting room if you are a naturopath. There are incidentals to consider such as illness and accident insurance, superannuation, maintaining stock, organising your business to account for slow periods etc.
    I have heard of a course in natural health, at a university, but it was only considered to be the equivalent of Certificate 4 in Beauty Therapy.
    Good Luck

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