• There are lots of things that can be influencing factors (genetics, general health, etc.) but I believe the main risk factor with colon cancer is not getting enough insoluble fiber in one’s diet. Insoluble fiber (found in unprocessed wheat, etc.) helps to clean out the lower digestive system, and the colon in particular. This is an important element in protecting the colon.

  • Thin Kaboudit

    No-one is 100% sure, but family history and a poor diet (with insufficient fibre) are huge contributing factors. If you get checked regulary after age forty, and you go straight to the doctor if you are younger than that and experience symptoms such as darkened poop or severe abdominal pain, colon cancer that is caught early enough can just be a (pardon the pun) pain in the ar*e instead of a life-threatening condition.

  • pessimist_atheist

    Prions! 🙂

    Many scientists theorize that large amounts of meat (particularly cooked meat) in one’s diet plays significantly into the cause of colon cancer. The idea is that the human digestive tract is too long for digested meat to traverse before it basically rots (as compared to carnivores). Rotting meat = bad for stomach/GI tract/colon. Why though? When it comes down to it no one knows for sure.

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