I just had a baby in Oct and since I had him I have lost 50lbs and found out I have a low thyroid and was wandering if anyone else has had this happen after haveing a baby, I am 22. I heard that having a baby can mess it up for a while and then it goes back to normal on its own. I am brusing easy too what could cause that?


  • paintergal73

    I don’t understand how you can have a low thyroid and lose 50 lbs?
    After i had my son 6 yrs ago I formed a hyper thyroid. It is called Post Partum Hyperthyroidism. I had a fast pulse, hot flashes, extreme amounts of energy, couldn’t sleep., and extreme hunger because your metabolisim is up and food goes right out of ya. I ended up in the ER with a pulse of 200. I was put on a beta blocker to help the heart rate, but the thyroid took about a year to totally stabalize. It isn’t a seriuos condition, but the heartrate and weight loss was a real problem. ^ yrs later my thyroid is fine.,but I still get bouts of tachycardia. I have a rare illness that prevents me from more children…but I was told if I had more this would probably happen again. I too bruised very badly and I din’t even remeber hitting anything. I had my clotting factors checked and everything came back normal…I think it has to do with the thyroid problem… Good luck!

  • sal t

    Some changes can happen after you have baby, ie: Diabetes blood pressure thyroid etc. this can be temporary wait around 6 months if still have the prop. best to have a blood test.
    Brusing is because you have not enough vitamin c in your body.
    Good luck

  • SixCount

    I’m not sure you meant you have a low thyroid. If you lost weight it means you have a overactive (high) thyroid.

    Having a baby can contribute to thyroid problems. I’d say go with whatever your dr. says. It’s possible he can put you on something and monitor your thyroid closely and let you know when it’s normal. He’ll take you off the meds then to see if your body can handle it on its own.

    Hyperthyroidism can cause long term problems including (but not limited to) eye problems, heart problems, bone problems, plus a really bad condition called thyroid strom (which is rare, but potentially life threatening).

  • laineyette

    Did you have any problems with the delivery? If you are losing weight it might be adrenal, or pituitary not stimulating adrenals. Have you had cortisol or ACTH checked? If you had severe bloodloss during delivery it could have damaged your pituitary.

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