Thyroid? HELP!?

ok my friend got results today in the mail but all it said was "BORDERLINE THYROID" and to retest in a month but what does that mean….


  • Samantha S

    It means whatever thyroid test she had done, it was borderline normal. It’s impossible to say what condition she might have without knowing more, but it’s very important for her to go back in a month and get retested!

  • It just means her levels were high in range or slightly over. Next time your friend tests make sure they test first thing in the morning. I’d also request what the TSH number was. AACE changed the range n 2003 to 0.3 to 3.0, yet so many labs still have the range at 0.3 to 5.5. If your friends morning TSH is over 3.0, they need to be on thyroid medication.

    The TSH test is a lousy tst for diagnosing because TSH changes depending on the time of day you test. You could test in the morning and be diagnosed hypothyroid and test in the afternoon and the doctor will say you are normal. TSH must be done first thing in the morning. Better tests are the free t4 and free t3.

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