my wife is in early stages of menopause,any info on a natural treatment?

she starts having hot flashes irritability real bad and she will not take drugs because she thinks they are bad for you,and i kinda agree with her but hey help here cause she freezing me to death


  • dennis

    Natural herbal and homeopathic Health remedy products for women is your answer. GO TO
    and find Menopause
    there are several natural products there that will definately help in that category and also, the whole site is full of natural and homeopathic remedies for just about any minor health problems for your whole family.
    I hope this helps to keep you warm. 🙂
    I also have known the same feeling

  • Amelie Langston

    Pour hot water on a wash cloth or rag and place it on her bare stomach.
    Calms people down during stress and eases the mind.

  • Dr.Mojo M

    The majority of women will observe some symptoms during menopause, but the intensity of these varies in different women.
    •Irregular bleeding – Menstrual periods have three normal patterns of stopping: they may suddenly stop, they may come on time, but keep reducing in the quantity of flow till they finally stop or they may keep getting delayed till they finally stop. Heavy or frequent periods are NOT normal.
    •Hot flushes – This is the most prominent symptom. There is a sudden sensation of heat that spreads to various parts of the body, particularly the face. Flushing and sweating may occur. These flashes of warmth last a few seconds or minutes. These are more common in the first few years after menopause but may continue for many more years. If they occur very frequently, they can be the cause of social embarrassment. These flashes may be brought on in hot and humid weather, by drinking caffeine or alcohol or eating spicy foods.
    •Vaginal thinning and dryness – Due to oestrogen withdrawal, the vagina becomes thinner and dry. This makes sexual intercourse painful. There may be associated itching and irritation. Regular sexual intercourse may help keep the vagina moist and toned.
    •Mood changes – Women become irritable and anxious around menopause. There may be loss of memory and concentration and lack of energy. Depression may also be present. These symptoms may not be a direct effect of oestrogen withdrawal, but may be compounded by career pressures, sexual inadequacies and loss of fertility and body image.
    •Sexuality – Several factors adversely effect the libido or sex drive. Besides the mechanical factor of vaginal dryness that makes intercourse painful, mood fluctuations and lack of energy all contribute to a poor sex drive.
    •Osteoporosis – Bones become thin, weak and are more likely to break. This happens because the oestrogen that helps reduce bone absorption is no longer available. Osteoporosis is more likely in Asian women, and those that are slim built. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.
    •Heart disease – Women lose the protective effect of oestrogen in preventing heart disease after menopause. They then become susceptible to heart attack as much as men. This risk is increased if the woman is obese, has high blood pressure or diabetes, smokes cigarettes and does not do any physical activity regularly.

  • Peggy Primm

    you men just dont seem to understand what this menopause is all about,but i will tell you of the best product that i have tried and still taking because it really works for my HOT FLASHES along with a hundred more of my symptoms and i am sure she probably has them also.FIRST get you a blanket and hang on for the ride and try to be more understandable and supportive of her needs. i am sure she doesnt want to freeze you to death.
    dong quai along with a couple other herbal remedies will help her in a lot of ways but understand there is no CURE for it other than a very serious surgery,that should not even be considered unless of emergency situations.but any ways the herbal products are the best i have tried and do help me out a lot. you can find them at

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