Is low HDL cholesterol a bad thing?

My HDL cholesterol is 109 and the range is 125-170…is this bad? How can I increase it?


  • Susan Yarrawonga

    Good cholesterol is HDL and bad cholesterol is LDL.

    Unsaturated vegetable fats such as nuts, beans, peas, lentils and others will increase your HDL and decrease your LDL with a reduction in your overall cholesterol.

    The only vegetable fats that are saturated are coconut oil and palm oil.

  • Harrald

    Clinical laboratories that measure substances in blood my use a different scale to report someone’s value for a substance. Not to confuse you, but I am an adult male, and my value for HDL is 47-mg/dL(milligrams per deciLiter)on a scale of >(more than)39-mg/dL. I checked past lab results for a year, and my HDL is in an area of 42-47-mg/dL.

    If you paid cash, medical insurance, you have rights to copies of your medical records. The average time to receive a copy of your records from your doctor is 2 weeks. I am sure your doctor or his nurse can explain to you what is the value for HDL (mg/dL) or some other value. A copy of my Illustrated, Medical Dictionary shows the value for HDL is 30-80-mg/dL. Again, perhaps your laboratory results for HDL may be using a different scale to report for Cholesterol. I wonder whether your figure of 125-170-mg/dL might be for your Total Cholesterol? The value should be on the laboratory results alongside your HDL. My Total Cholesterol measures 142-mg/dL on a scle of 100-192-mg/dL. If you gave a sample of blood from your vein, the results are more accurate than having your finger pricked and a drop of blood tested.

    Demand some answers from your doctor’s office.


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