Is colon cleansing safe?

I have been reading ads about doing a colon cleanse as a way to lose weight….. I am thinking about doing it but wonder how safe it is……..effective????


  • Gary Y

    The dangers of colon cleansing:

    The colon knows how to do its job. Doing a colon cleansing can hurt the process of shedding nutrients and absorbing minerals and vitamins. The colon might not work as well if this process is interfered with.

    If the equipment that is used to flush the colon is not clean then a bacterial infection could develop.

    Doing a colon cleansing could cause the body to absorb too much water. This could possibly cause a chemical imbalance which would result in feelings of nausea, vomiting, heart failure and fluid in the lungs. The colon wall could also break which is fatal.

    Supplements can be dangerous because most are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Manufacturers could make health claims that are not supported by evidence so it probably is a waste of money. The user just does not know what they are getting.

    Taking laxatives or colon cleansing pill can prevent the body from doing its job because then the colon relies on the pill to do it and it will not empty normally. Some pills contain senna which is harsh and can irritate the lower digestive tract which could lead to diarrhea and create a mineral imbalance in the body.

    Hope this helps.

  • Super ★

    its safe its actually good for you. but it doesnt make you lose weight instantly, after you get your colon cleaned, you need to go on a healthy diet, thats how you lose weight

  • Soniie

    It doesnt make you lose body fat. Its just like when you weigh yourself. Take a huge dump. Then weight yourself again

  • inverse_mushroom_cloud

    If you want to lose weight, you have to work at it. Exercise more. Eat less. There are no quick fixes.

  • MollyMac13

    You will not lose weight this way.

    It is a waste of time and money and has no benefit whatsoever.

  • Leonardo D

    It is actually a scam unless your really need it. A daily intake of more fiber will work better and have longer results. The main problem with colon clensing is it unbalances the natural balance of bacteria in your GI tract and that can lead to severe problems. Also the results you see on the websites are NOT typical at all. The only people that need a colon clense are people with very bad constipation to the point where a better diet wont do it, and these people cleanse under the supervision of an MD (doctor).

  • tristi

    it is safe as long as you do it with a qualified person.

  • Simple Life

    Colon cleanse is an absolute solution for sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, overall malaise and lack of energy. It has also got the solution for overall problems related to digestion and overweight.

    By colon cleanse not only all these restlessness can be cured but the body gets enough and the ability to function. It is the best means to generate the body for absorption of proper nutrients and boost the immune system of the body.

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