irregular period..natural remedies?

I am wanting to know if there are any natural remedies for regulating an irregular period ?
…I know I am not pregnant (via blood test) and I know that my irregularness is due to getting off of the Depo-provera shot about 8months ago, but for the past 2 months I have had a 3-4day period followed by 7-9 days of no period and then the cycle is repeated –hence 4 periods in 2 months. I just want o know if there are any natural suppliments or specific foods that I can take/eat to help regulate my hormones , and therefore my period. I do have access to a few health food stores, so any suggestions are welcome!!
I don’t really want to use things like BC pills since they contain artifical hormones …basically what I’m trying to rid my body of
I’ve been thinking about probotics supliments which will help for colon and digestive systems cleansing ..thanks
I am no longer experienceing amenorrhoea that was while I was on the depo shot and the first 6 months off now I am having a period 7-9 days after finishing one basically a new period every week and a half


  • bbuns

    Well try to do a detox it usually help your system is clogged up.cut the amount of sugar intake clean your colon, or rather clear the colon. The other thing, Lots of fruit and vegetables. Well Woman supplements are excellent.

  • mannnnnnnnnnny thngs u can find on there!!!!!! but ive never heard of any but the :pill:

  • keithw8007

    A loss of periods is called amenorrhoea, a condition that may result from low levels of certain hormones. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may help get your menstrual cycle back on track:

    I hope things are normal soon! Take care …

    Sarah Woolley

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