Colon Nerve Damage?

I have a friend who has nerve damage of the colon. Is there anything to help her medically or alternative medicine. She is losing so much weight and I am concerned.


  • Healing Oneself

    Hi Tarun

    Look closely at the suggestions I make below (look at #4 especially), regardless of the health issue. If you do these steps below, you’ll give the body time to heal the issue without having to digest meat. dairy, manmade chemicals, preservatives, etc.

    Here is a list of important health topics people dont realize or take for granted and thus causes issues.

    1. stress = most of it is self induced. Even thinking and actually talking about negative means you attact more negative energy. Visualize and "Feel" a healthy beautiful body (end result) and you’ll have it before you know it.
    Once the body breaks down from stress then its much easier to get sick or unhealthy for that matter.

    Obviously exercise helps manages stress tremendously!

    Remember what you focus on (negative or positive) is what you will attract in your life. This universal law is called "The Law of Attraction".

    2. Lack of water. Drink a gallon of distilled water to hydrate the body and flush out the excess waste and toxins out of the blood.

    3. Nutrition = this helps heal the body and will gives it energy to work on the internal issues. Mainly raw organic fruit and vegetables. If you only ate organic raw F & V for 7-10 days and drank distilled water you would see a change in your energy and be on your way to better health. Letting the body rest from digesting meats, dairy, and processed foods would do wonders for you.

    4. clogged colon = Not eliminating the processed food and chemicals we eat every day will give anyone an illness and/or disease. If doctors we’re actually taught this, our society would be much improved. DO a colon and liver cleanse to clear out excess waste and toxins in the blood. This will help heal any illness or disease.

    Best of health to you

  • Volunteer

    Acute or chronic inflammation of the membrane of the colon, also known as ulcerative colitis.

    Organ or part of body involved: Colon

    Symptoms and indications: Pain, tenderness in the abdomen, fever, swelling of the colon tissue, bleeding, erythema (redness) of the surface of the colon, rectal bleeding, and ulcerations of the colon.

    Causes and risk factors: One of the causes of colitis is chronic constipation and the use of purgatives. Constipation causes an accumulation of the hard faecal matter which is never properly evacuated. Purgatives used as a ‘cure’ only increase irritation. Often colitis results from poorly digested roughage, especially of cereals and carbohydrates, which causes bowel irritation. Other causes of the disease are an allergic sensitivity to certain foods, intake of antibiotics and severe stress.

    Prevention: Changes in diet can be effective at treating the symptoms of colitis and easing the side effects. These can include reducing the intake of carbohydrates, lactose products, soft drinks and caffeine. Citrus juices should be avoided. White sugar, white bread, and white flour products; highly seasoned foods; highly salted foods; strong tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages; and foods cooked in aluminum pans should also be avoided.

    ‘Healing oneself’ has given the perfect answer to you on this page. For further help, follow him for a cleanse under guidance of any Doctor (Alternate medicine) for safe cleanse.

  • starcounseler

    omega3 in the form of fish oil capsules or flax seed oil capsules,there are other forms also

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