Cholesterol, what is its deal?

when i decided to stop eating meats and limit dairy, (call me stupid) but i eventually learned cholesterol is in 2 sources
so, then it was clear if my food has no animal products then it has no cholesterol and vice versa

now, on the news they are still bringing up Trans Fat (so 5mins ago,lol)
they said, it increases bad cholesterol
and decreases "good cholesterol"

what’s up with that

bonus question
what exactly is protein?


  • LeeJAndy

    Okay here’s the deal. Your body needs cholesterol to function, plain and simple. Too much is obviously a bad thing, but you still need some in order to live. But it has different types of cholesterol, LDL and HDL (the two major ones you are concerned with).

    LDL – low density lipids are the "bad" cholesterol. A simple way of thinking about it is this way; your body tends to make a bunch of them and then they end up clogging your arteries.

    HDL – high density lipids are the "good" cholesterol. They help your body "use" up cholesterol by helping transport them around the body.

    Simply put, you want more HDL than LDL. You can still obtain enough cholesterol from cooking oils and such (where the cholesterol comes from doesn’t really matter).
    The reason why Trans fat tend to increase LDL and decrease HDL is because of the shape of the cholesterol molecule. Basically, trans-fat makes the cholesterol look like LDL and less like HDL.

    Proteins are one of three basic energy components your body consumes (the other two being carbohydrates and fat). Most people think of meat as protein but you can get them from some plants such as beans. Proteins is what your body uses to make muscle (along with other important molecules). But if your body is low on carbs (or fat), it’ll break down your muscles to make energy (which is not a good thing).

    BTW, alcohol, interestingly enough, is the 4th energy source that your body can use. It packs alot of calories too, so now you know where beer-bellies come from. =)


    I had the same question once but didnt really get it answered. But as wird as it sounds there is good and bad cholestrol. I know a few tips to lower your cholestrol. One is to eat grapfruite how or why it works im not sure. As for the bonus question, protein is beans, meat, eggs those are just a few

  • jordan d

    There are two types of cholesterol LDL (low-density lipoprotein) which is "bad" and HDL (high-density lipoprotein)
    which is "good." Basically, it is just believed that Trans Fat increases the LDL cholesterol, which can have negative actions on the body, i.e. heart disease; whereas HDL is believed to have beneficial actions on the body.

    Protein are large organic compounds made of amino acids(which means it is vital to live).

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