Will no sleep affect my health in the long run?

I work at a casino from 7pm til 3am full time sunday-thursday.. I recently started beauty school full time 8:30am til 5pm full time tuesday-saturday and im lOsing sleep tremediously.. I figure i can stick it out til march 2014 thats when i graduate.. But its soo hard :/ am i hurting my body and health by doing this.. I really need this job to support myself n if i dont go to school now i dont think i ever will.. Im 24 by the way


  • Cyber

    Of course lack of sleep affects your health. you are depriving your body of one of its most demanding needs. The average human adult needs at the very LEAST 6 hours of sleep, the younger you are the more sleep you need. I understand you need this job, I really feel for you. If you are desperate enough to do this to yourself for that job, but its really going to hurt you.
    The more immediate effects will lack of focus or ability to preform. Whats the point of going to school if you won’t be able to learn anything?
    You will also be more likely to die from just about anything even in an accident.You will get a higher risk of…
    Heart disease
    Heart attack
    Heart failure
    Irregular heartbeat
    High blood pressure
    After about a month or more of doing this your body may shut down at anywhere or anytime. You could pass out on your way to school or getting off a train and so on. If you live alone it only heightens the danger. You may need to be hospitalized injuring yourself from the fall, give yourself a concussion or get into a car accident.
    You will gain more weight and your skin will age faster. You wont be able to make proper judgement and your reaction time will dull down.
    I don’t know what to say. The education is far more important than the job. Try looking for a job with less hours for high pay and try to compromise. I don’t recommend doing this to yourself. Did you know it only takes a week of absolutely no sleep at all to die of sleep deprivation?

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  • Harrison

    This is not natural at all. Your body needs sleep more than many other things. I highly recommend quitting the casino job. You need at least 6 hours of sleep a day to be healthy, and the best method for this way of sleeping is to sleep 6 hours straight through. Your body will be shutting down, and even simply tasks like driving could become a danger.

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