sciatica? Natural remedies or otherwise? please! will take any relief..?

Any stretching advice? OTC medicine’s? Natural remedies? Cannot take any more pain…


  • I have a spine injury and here are the best sites that I have found on the web for nerve pain. They all will help you. Good luck
    Here is one for alternative medicine info

    These are the best sites for back issues you will find on the web. It’s good, free information from medical professionals

  • carpal-tunnel-provider

    This website has tapes and stuff it might have stretching yoga stuff.
    You may get relief from a cortisone injection and a medrol dose pack

  • kbk823

    I found it helped to lie flat on my back with my legs straight up against the wall. Or, I’d try to convince my husband to push my leg forward and lean on it. Both stretches brought some relief, but couldn’t be held for long since I was pregnant whenever my sciatica acted up.


    If your legs hurt from the Sciatica or one leg or the hip area or back, stretching the sciatic nerve as follows; Lay flat on the bed, floor, etc, bend your knees and lift them until you can grab them with your hands. Pull toward your chest or stomach, either both knees or one at a time, and you’ll feel the pull on the nerve. Hold for a minute or so, then lay your legs flat, rest, repeat the procedure. To strengthen the back muscles and nerves, lay flat, raise both legs, leave them straight, about 6 inches or so, hold for a while and ease them back down. Repeat several times. Apply Ice packs or moist heat and then have someone massage the area. Apply the heat or ice twenty minutes on, twenty off. When massaging the area, include some Aspercreme. You could take some Motrin (Ibuprofen) a couple times a day, probably 600 mgs will do. One more Little suggestion for you, and I am not talking about sciatica, I am talking about aching legs or tired legs. Lay on the floor, put your feet up onto the edge of a couch or chair, as long as they are higher than the heart. While laying there, work both feet in a round motion, that speeds up blood flow back toward the heart. Do this for at least ten minutes, and when you stand up, you will feel like you are walking on clouds, feels great. Good Luck and I hope your pain goes away soon.

  • Citizen X

    Here is a link I have started using and it is great for pain management

  • dbgyog

    Lynn you have only two options for sciatica –
    1) surgery – Now they give 75% guarantee but i have treated two failed surgery cases.
    2) Acupuncture – acupuncturist should be master otherwise result is zero.

    There is hardly any medicine for H/A OR MIGRAINE. Not only these but for RA, OA, Back ache, Ear ache/ringing, Stomach ache and almost all painful diseases. Hence they become chronic.

    Acidity, WORRY, sadness, excessive wind, cold , heat, sour food and sinusitis, constipation, intestinal inflammation; drug side effects, stress, bad smell, TV & COMPUTER SOMETIMES, Blockage in the flow of Vital Energy, BODY CONSTITUTION etc are their causes.
    None of them can be treated with medicine.
    Our 100% success in treating migraine &H/A confirms it.

    Acupuncture is the best treatment.

    Pain killers don’t treat the pain but we loose the sense of pain for some time; in that duration our body itself treats sometime and credit goes to meds.
    The useless drugs have tremendous power of side effects like liver/kidney failures, ulcer, inflammation of intestines and lot more.

    Cocoanut or / and Pure ghee drawn from curds will help if taken with meals with good hunger. Eat less and rest.

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