Natural remedies for depression/mood disorder?

I already know about St. John’s Wort, Kava Kava, Bach flowers and homeopathics. I am looking for something different, like acupuncture. My husband is seriously depressed and our philosophical beliefs don’t condone using prescription drugs. Has anyone had any success using Meridian stress tests, acupunture, raiki, massage, crystals, etc.? I want to know your personal experiences and what helped you.



    Curing Bipolar Disorder

    ‘They {the medical establishment} hate that word {cure}, like the devil hates holy water’ Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

    Intestinal Dysbiosis/Candida Overgrowth

    ‘All diseases begin in the gut’ Hippocrates 460-370BC

    Mental illness starts not in the Brain but the Gut. Do you have digestive problems like colic, bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation, and malnourishment {are you very skinny and find it difficult to put on weight?}, and do you have a white/yellow-coating on your tongue? Do you suffer from frequent headaches, mood swings, depression, fatigue, and other symptoms related to ‘candida overgrowth?’
    Read ‘Gut And Psychology Syndrome’ By. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, NMedSci{neurology}, MMedSci{nutrition}:
    This doctor, who has a clinic in Cambridge for treating mental illnesses like Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder. Her son suffered from Autism, she found the cure and the root cause, and believes that all mental illness can be cured.
    I found that my bipolar disorder was caused or worsened by Candida overgrowth or Candida Related Complex. You should consult a Naturopathic Doctor {not a homeopath, they’re different}, a Nutritionist that has treated Bipolar disorder before, and an orthomolecular medicine doctor.

    Candida thrive on sugar, so Cut out all sugar, unstable/imbalanced blood sugar levels can cause depression and hyperactivity, replace table sugar with Xylitol {much more healthier and beneficial and tastes the same in the same portions! you wont notice too much of a difference, don’t go near NutraSweet or Aspartame, monosodium glutamate – avoid like the plague}.Cut out stimulants like caffeine, and soda soft drinks.

    S. Boulardii is a good probiotic that flushes out candida from the body. Look into Kefir Making, this home-made free probiotic drink in itself will bring you much improvement in your mental health and well being, all you need is Kefir Grains to get started, google ‘Kefir Making’ and look at Doms Kefir Making website, it tells you everything you want/need to know.
    Fasting & Detoxification

    Do a detox fast a 3-day apple fast, only red/golden delicious apples, and fresh water, along with coffee enema’s, this is all stated in ‘Cure your acne in 3 days’ but it works great for bipolar disorder, most BP’s have bad skin according to one conventional website i was reading. This will help rid your body of the accumulated toxins affecting your brain, and kill a lot of Candida Yeast.

    Recent studies have shown that Prozac {a popular antidepressant} has anti-fungal/candida properties, and inhibits its growth, this is due to Serotonin. Further, Sodium Valporate {used as a mood stabiliser} has been shown to stop the growth of harmful pathogenic microorganisms/worms in the gut. This is very interesting findings, as it supports that mental illness is due to problems in the gut or intestinal dysbiosis.

    Go on the anti-candida diet. Source: ‘The Yeast Connection’ Book

    Drink Alkali water, add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to every litre of purified water you drink, this will prevent disease and reduce the growth of Candida. Source: Mr X Acne e-book

    Look also into Gerson Therapy/Juicing, this has cured many diseases, not just cancer, it will help with mental illness. But start this after you have rid yourself of candida.
    Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies

    -Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 3 supplements or Carlson’s Brand 2-3g per day has been shown in scientific studies to reduce manic-depression significantly. Strictly, the brands mentioned as they are pure pharmaceutical grade, and are used in clinical trials, plus the Carlson’s Brand has added fat-soluble vitamins. Google it to see the research with omega 3 and its remarkable effects on mental illness, yet more evidence that mental illness is due to nutritional deficiencies, which has been aggravated by Candida overgrowth/Intestinal Dysbiosis.

    -EM Power Plus + by TrueHope, has been shown to be very effective, look at the testimonies on mcmillans BiPolar website. Personally i have not used this, as my current nutrition programs works great.

    -A multivitamin/ mineral supplement in a bioavailable form, E.g . Higher Nature brand

    SAMe – 400mg per day, this will boost your energy levels. And has been called the ‘instant antidepressant’, please have the histamine blood test done with the help of a mental-health orientated nutritionist, before taking this. If you are high-histamine {google it}, you will need to take methionine 1000-2000mg per day.
    Getting to the ‘Cause’ of mental illness

    Get blood tests, to test for nutritional deficiencies, adrenal exhaustion, homocysteine, histamine {high histamine is the cause of many bipolar type symptoms, highly recommend this test}, pyluria{krytopyrolles, mispelt probably}, Allergies, Candida Comprehensive Stool test, thyroid disorders, heavy metal toxicity, Nutritional profile. Your nutritionist can arrange these test through a local lab, Biolab in London does this. Read Carl Pfeiffer’s PhD book ‘Nutrition and Mental Illness’, he was a pioneer with orthomolecular medicine and cured many people of bipolar disorder. The Brain Bio Centre in London continues his work, as does the one in Princeton US, although it is very expensive. And in my opinion you can recover and save the money if you read and search for the knowledge.

    Exercise as much as you can! especially in the morning, 30mins per day minimum, or Yoga, swimming, meditation, do something relaxing.

    Take Coenzyme Q10 30mg to boost energy levels, when you feel tired, also SAMe.
    Knowledge is Power

    Watch the videos on, type in ‘psychetruth’ and watch the ‘Nutrition by Natalie’ videos especially.

    Take 5HTP to boost the feel good serotonin levels, and melatonin at night if you are having sleep problems. Since the circadian clock of bipolar in usually out of synch. If this is the case, watch the sunrise, and set, this will help synchronise your clock and sleep patterns to normality.

    Why does my Doctor not know this?

    Conventional medicine is crap at treating mental illness, alternative medicine has the answers. Just try it out first, regardless of what your Dr. will tell you. Just try it. Psychiatrists make a lot of money from chronic life long mental illnesses, which they claim is genetic and incurable, which is a load of BS. Further drug companies make a lot of money from you; since most mental illness cannot be cured {according to the Doctors, since they are merely repeating what they learnt at med school} you have to stay on medication for a life-time {as maintenance}

    Psychiatrists examine mental illness from various angles, although they are helpful, they do not address the cause of chronic mental illnesses like BP disorder. Psychiatrists will look at genetics, childhood experiences, and psychological influences, the last thing they will consider looking at is your digestive system. Strange that, since medical history gives plenty of examples where severe psychiatric conditions were cured simply by ‘cleaning out’ the patients gut.

    Renowned Japanese Professor Kazudzo Nishi, estimates that 1 in 10 psychiatric conditions are due to self-intoxificiation coming from the gut.

    Read: ‘Politics in Healing’ for more information.

    Treating the Mind, Body, and Soul

    Treat the Body as stated above
    Treat the mind by learning Emotional Freedom Technique, for more info, and find a teacher of EFT in your area.
    Treat the soul with meditation, read the religious scriptures of the religion that you follow, and read the Holy Qur’an, this has a healing effect on those who read it.

    Email me if you need anymore advice. I am confident if you follow the advice stated here, you will recover without drugs from bipolar disorder. Be patient, and perservere.

  • doodle.bug33

    go and see a homeopath

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    I know that Valerian Root is used in making Valium so maybe that would help your husband with depression.

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  • Paul V -

    If you can get him to exercise, that could make a great difference. Vitamin B and fish oil might help too.

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    vitamin b`12…

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    st. johns wort

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    I highly recommend a marijuana cigarette

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