Female with NO sex drive – any natural remedies?

I am in my 30’s and I don’t have a sex drive. I have never had a sex drive. When all my friends had raging hormones in high school, I couldn’t relate at all. I have had a few partners over the years and now I am happily married but still nothing. I mean NOTHING! NO desire and no pleasure. This is not an issue with my husband because we are very happy and I never had pleasure from other partners either. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. I have always wanted to discuss with my doctor but always back out at the last minute. I really don’t want to go on a medicine so I am wondering if anyone else has this problem and if there are any natural remedies out there (and how much do they cost). Or am I just a strange person that has no sex drive and no sexual pleasure? HELP!


  • onlymatch4u

    This is so typical of American women that have listened to the so called "food experts" that are nothing more than "hired guns" of the food industry HUGE MARKETING scheme to convince you to eat their garbage. Quite effective.

    Please understand that your problem can be fixed, but certainly NOT with drugs.

    Your liver and endocrine system are the key players, but your whole body is most likely out of balance. All parts of your body communicate with each other. Especially the endocrine system. When you reach puberty, your body does something that no other animal on planet earth does, the adrenal glands that are producing the estrogen hands over this job to your ovaries. When this happens, the ovaries are now responsible for producing the estrogen. When you reach 50 or so, that job is then handed back to the Adrenal Glands, that is why women experience menopause. There should be no typical symptoms of menopause if the body is functioning properly and the adrenals are in good shape. Most of the time the adrenals have been abused by the American diet to the point of exhaustion and menopause becomes a "syndrome" for the medical industry to make money on.

    The sex hormones and thyroid hormones are steroid hormones made using the liver. The liver is a major organ that is responsible for many things. One is to clean up the old estrogen. The liver requires certain fatty acids to be able to make the necessary hormones. The liver cannot be busy dealing with other things, like survival responses, or it will ignore the sex hormone issue because the last thing a person needs is to be making sex hormones as a priority when a saber tooth tiger is chasing him or her through the village.

    The adrenal glands are important aspect of this issue. If you are under stress, especially in a fight or flight response, your limited amount of the precursor, pregnenalone will be used to produce cortisol in the adrenals, rather than going to the liver to support sex hormone production. If you don’t get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, the adrenal glands will not get recharged. It takes 24 – 29 hours to recharge the adrenals. If you eat or drink caffeine, this put severe stress on the adrenals and makes your body feel like it is in a "flight or fight" stress mode. High intake of sugar will also elicit this type of response and greatly affect your adrenals.

    If you eat a lot of carbohydrates that include sugar, etc., you will greatly affect your ability to produce these sex hormones. Many women feel they must have their sugar. That is typically a magnesium deficiency. Now if you are not getting the right fats in your diet, the liver will not have the ingredients to make the hormones you need. These low fat, high carb diets being promoted have sold more Viagra than all the great marketing dollars have produced. This is also why taking statin drugs reduces the sex drive.

    I suggest you buy two books: "Life Without Bread" by Christian Allan, pH.D. and "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. These two books are great for helping you to understand foods that will put you on a course to health. Diet sodas, as well as any soda will greatly affect your sex drive, negatively.

    I suggest you also check yourself for an iodine deficiency. This will affect your thyroid gland considerably if you are deficient and the thyroid gland is an integral part of the endocrine system. To check it yourself, just buy a bottle of "tincture of iodine" and paint a patch 2" x 3" on your forearm. Note the time of day. You should be able to see that patch after 24 hours. If it goes away quickly in a few hours, you are severely deificient. Go to: http://www.healthline.cc (not .com) and order the XENO DETOX product. It will take several months for you to fix the deficiency because it takes time for the body to absorb the iodine.

    You are not strange. You are not weird or unusual in America. You are just deficient in nutrients and are most likely eating the wrong fats.

    The doctor does not know anything about nutrition. They are legal drug pushers and not nutritionists. I would also highly recommend you see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can test you for nutritional deficiencies specific to your body and also recommend diets that will help you greatly.

    Don’t give up, Help is on the way dear. . . .. – Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.

    good luck

  • Adonis

    A lot of women face this problem. I don’t think there is a natural remedy for this. Perhaps you do need to consult your doctor or go to a sex therapist. They really work! 😉

  • A.Lee

    How about reading erotica? Try Literotica.com.

    I know it doesn’t seem much, but why not give it a try if you haven’t?

    Good luck.

  • bumblebee

    Your hormones are probably screwed up…..talk it over with your Doc. Don’t be embarrased….that’s what they are there for.

  • Dashy

    This is not uncommon in women. I really think seeing a sex therapist might be a good idea. I can sort of relate to the no sex drive thing on some levels, I never had raging hormones in high school either. I do however, have a deep passion when I am in love. It is exclusively toward that person though, if I’m not in love with anyone I have no sexual desire either. Since you don’t even feel it for your husband I really you should seek help from someone. You didn’t say how it effects your husband but if he’s like most men this has to be an issue for him. Please seek to find some answers.


  • womenagainststirrups

    I’m just wondering, are you on birth control (synthetic hormones I mean)? And if so, since how long?
    I’m asking you this because contraceptives can kill a woman’s libido permanently.

    So if you are on bc pills or patches, you may want to quit those. If not, I don’t know what the cause could be.

  • ummm...

    i ran into this…and i read and read and read everyhting i could on the internet trying to figure out what was "wrong" with me. it turns out…nothing. i jsut hadn’t had an orgasm…and therefore didnt know what i was missing. i was neevr comfortbale enough, even with a bf of 3 years. basically…try masturbating. buy a vibrator try clitoral vs vaginal and see waht worls, then you can pass these notes onto your husband. my sex drive has sky rocketed in the past few months. you jsut have to learn what you like and be ok with it. thats what i tried. i hope that helps!

  • Kelly

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