colon cleansing?

any good colon cleansers? i am taking fiber therapy pills everyday and still feel constipated and bloated.. i thought one good cleansing and I would be off to a better start..


  • I don’t know what ‘fiber therapy pills’ you are taking; but, if the main ingredient is psyllium, that would explain the bloated feeling. Most psyllium products do not grind the psyllium fine enough.

    Try using oat bran. It’s good cooked as a cereal. It’s like oatmeal but with more fiber. You can process it in a blender and use it like flour to make high fiber muffins that taste great. Also, Benefiber and Fibersure are two products that can be mixed with food or drink without affecting the taste or texture.

    Generally, a thorough colon cleanse involves limiting your intake to water, fruit juices, and apple cider vinegar and whichever colon cleanse product you’ve chosen. If you are only taking ‘fiber therapy pills’ in addition to your regular diet, you are NOT doing a colon cleanse.

    Try going to a health food store. They will have some good products and can give you advice on the best and its use.

    Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon.

  • drunkhomelessdude

    Have you seen that episode of Bullshit where they talked about colon cleansing? Just sounds like you need Metamucil or an enema!

  • You have to be careful with fiber cleansers, I have used them before and they have damaged my intestine. When you take a fiber cleanser it bulks up your movement, FORCING the movement out of your system. this can actually cause small holes to be poked into the intestine, causing what is called leaky gut syndrome (yes this is a real problem!) you will probably see that the fiber gums the system up and you become dependant on the product to have a normal movement. I have cleansed for a while now, and the only cleanser I found worked well was an Oxygen based cleanser, as it is less abrasive on your system. I actually used Oxy-Powder, it has worked well for me. check out the link if your thinking about cleansing, the people that make the product are pretty nice to, they helped me allot!

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