can i lose 3 lbs on colon cleanse?

ok i used to weigh 89 lbs now iam on iron pills so iam constipated and weigh 93 lbs iam 52 in heighti want to get back to my previous 89 lbs will colon cleanse help me


  • DeannetheGreat

    Colon cleanse will make you poop; you won’t lose any meaningful weight. You’ll lose bacteria (even the good bacteria, which you need for things like Vitamin K manufacture)) and undigested food particles. The fact that you are anemic suggests you are already having food absorption issues.

    If you are constipated, using colon cleanse and laxatives is a terrible idea. You can teach your body to become dependent on these things in order to have a bowel movement. You make your large intestine "lazy."

    If you are this much a slave to a mere number on a scale, that no one else sees or cares about, then I highly recommend mental health counseling.

  • Alexis

    Yes, but how much weight you lose depends on how many toxins are in your body.

  • me, myself and I

    if you want your constipation to leave you start drinking water. or more water than you are drinking now.
    also you should eat more fibrous foods.
    a colon cleanse is required for other issues not weight loss.

  • s☮ck the pres michael is da best

    wow ,, are you nut ?? you are ALREADY underweight ??? 93 lbs for 5’2 is UNDERWEIGHT
    you should gain 10 lbs

    plus ,, this colon cleaning is such a scam

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