Are my cholesterol levels ok?

Just had my yearly physical. My bad cholesterol was 117 and good cholesterol was 35. My doctor sent my results to me in a letter and she didn’t want to see me again, so I guess everything is good, all my other results were normal. When I read online about cholesterol levels, my bad cholesterol is in the healthy range, but I read that the good cholesterol should be 60+????? Is that right? If so, how do I raise it?

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  • musicnerd

    Yes, your good cholesterol is a little bit low. 60 + is a great place to be, but 50 is also a good level. To raise your good cholesterol: Don’t smoke, if you are overweight, try to lose weight, get more physical activity, choose healthier fats to eat, and don’t drink a lot of alcohol.

    My recommendation for you would be to contact your doctor, even though he didn’t need you to, just to make sure that you are aiming for the right levels, and he may have more advice for your lifestyle.

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