Two men health questions?

1 ) Is your sex drive based upon your diet and physical activity ?

2 ) I’m only 21 and I’ve been to many doctors. My health is superb, but should I get tested for colon/prostate cancer ?


  • JohnD

    Well if you want to be tested for colon/prostate cancer you certainly can however you at your age shouldn’t be at high risk for it.

    Sex drive is based on the amount of testosterone and also there is outside influence such as if your around things that turn you on then your more likely to become erect.

  • eurometrix

    1 drive is based on images projected

    2 no reason yet

  • Tony Spiezio

    Your sex drive is based on your testosterone levels, you would acquire testosterone chemicals during puberty

  • Wazir

    1) No, it isn’t.

    2) No, both are old men’s diseases.

    That was quickest answer today.


  • gr8guy

    yeah it is.

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