Thyroid problem?

I went to the doctor and told him I had put on 40plus lbs in 6 months I eat healthy exercise. I told him Im tired alot, headaches, the weight, and I feel like something is stuck in my throat at all time it drives me nuts. Could it be thyroid? Can the thyroid cause you to be moody extremely moody? he is doing blood work etc just wanting to get some ideas etc
Im almost 30, my mother had discovered thyroid problems when she was 34 so I pray its nothing serious cause I know what my mom goes through with it and other issues that have risen since
I did get my blood work done around 830 am after took the kids to school , also I get a ultrasound of my thyroid and throat etc in the morning


  • Zsa*Zsa* Galore

    Yes, all your symptoms sound like Hypo-thyroid or possibly Hashimotos Thyroid. Make sure the Dr. did the free T3, T4, & TSH bloodtests. Also, include the antibody test (Thyrogobulin Antibody Titer) to see if you have the auto-immune form of Hashimoto’s. Thyroid problems are very herditary & tend to run in families. In our family my Mom, myself, & both of my nieces have Thyroid problems. The lumpiness you feel in your throat is caused by your Thyroid being enlarged, that should go away with medicine.

    I’m glad that you had your Thyroid ultrasound done too. This along with the bloodwork will give your Dr. all the conclusive evidence he needs to diagnose your condition & rule out any Thyroid nodules etc.

    Hopefully, he will start you on Thyroid meds if tests point that way. If you start meds, give it about 30 days before you start feeling better. In my past experience, Thyroid levels take time to correct. Wait & see what tests reveal & if you need Thyroid supplementation, I have found that Endocrinologists at times do a better job of titrating your medicine & getting you feeling better faster. Good luck, hope you are feeling better soon!!

  • Kate M

    You dont say how old you are usually women over 40 start having problems with their thyroid . so let your dr check it out and hopefully it is not a thyroid or is not serious . good luck

  • Mrazda

    I just got diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease…..I gained 80 lbs in 18 months adn went to every kind of doctor there was….go to a endocronologist and they can help you tremendously!!!

  • Mark S

    It sounds like it, I had the same problem, the blood work will easily detect it if this is your problem. The good news is that it’s very easy to treat with medication.

  • ladiB812

    It may be your thyroid, if u have hypthyroidism then u feel sluggish, gain weight, moody/tired, dry skin, tired, etc. Your dr will check ur TSH levels & if they are low then he will perscribe u meds & w/in a couple of weeks u should be back on track. Thyorid can affect anyone (mostly women) at any age, i was diagnosed at age 18 so u just have to learn to live with it, pretty soon u will know how ur body is and when there’s a problem. With hypothyroidism, ur thyroid glands arent making/releasing enough hormones into ur body and these hormones control metabolism and other functions. So wait & see what ur Dr. says and best of luck!!!

  • Make sure you have the blood work first thing in the morningor it could stop a diagnosis. It happened to me in 1999, so I warn others now to only test in the morning. It’s because the standard test (TSH) changes throughout the day being its highest while we sleep and its lowest around 2PM. You want to test asap upon waking up to get it while its still high. If possible get a free t4 and free t3. These are better tests at diagnosing. If your free t3 ends up low, you would do better on a med that is noth T4 and T3. Also get the numbers, as most doctors only go by TSH and labs like Quest are still going by an outdated range of 0.3 to 5.5. AACE recomended a change a few years back to 0.3 to 3.0. Some doctors believe a TSH over 2.0 is not normal.

    All your symptoms sound hypothyroid.

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