thyroid problem!!!?

they had told me i had thyroid and was taking medication for around a week went back with Dr said think i might not have thyroid in case i had what would affect me would affect me on getting pregnant..


  • talimax01

    depends on your actual condition.

    Are you overactive or underactive? Also have you been diagnosed with a specific thyroid disorder i.e: Graves’ Disease or Hashimotos.

    Overactive means you make too much iron, whereas underactive you make too little.

    Depending on which one of these it is, you will need to take medication for that specific condition.

    With regards to pregnancy you will need to have regular blood tests throughout your pregnancy (probably every 4 to 6 weeks) so that they can monitor your thyroid function and they can adjust your medication accordingly.

    I have Graves’ Disease and my daughter was born 2 years ago completely normal. I am in the first trimester of my second pregnancy and everything is fine.

    Speak to your Endo or OBE with regards to your condition and what would be the best course of action while pregnant.

    I am on email through yahoo, so if you need any further imformation please feel free to email me.

    Also, your doctor should have done blood work to confirm your condition before placing you on medication for a week then ceasing the medication the next week.

    The levels they test for a TSH, FT3 and FT4 (these are for women) and TSH, T3 and T4 for men.

    The F being Free – because of a woman’s hormones the FT3 and FT4 are done for a more accurate reading.

    Also, depending on the levels (not being within range) you would then need a thyroid uptake scan to see exactly which condition you had and also an ultrasound to see if it was a goiter (enlarged thyroid).

    Also, as was my case, sometimes a fetus can reverse the scar tissue with regards to the thyroid. I am no longer on thyroid medication or a beta blocker for a racing, palpitating heart.

    However, I am aware that even though I am in remission, my thyroid disorder could flare up again.

    Hope this helps.

  • Colleen O

    Everyone has a thyroid. It is THE most important gland in the body as it regulates everything. Now maybe if you put your question/statement/whatever in a form that might be understandable you could get an answer that might be helpful.

  • shannonmangan

    I don’t really understand your question but to respond to the first answer you got I am surgical tech in the OR and we do what is called a thyroidectomy, usually if the patient has thyroid cancer, so it is possible to not have a thyroid. That is why they make thryoid replacement medication. Facts would be good when answering medical questions people.

  • Go to a natropath they can figger out if you have a thyroid problem through you taking your temp over a month on a Basil thermometer

  • teddybear45656

    I have a under active thyroid problem called hypothyroid. I didn’t find out that anything was wrong until I was pregnant with my first child. Dr said that he doesn’t know how I got pregnant because if you have thyroid problems and don’t take medicine that it is almost impossible to get pregnant. I guess I just hit it at the right time.

  • Tasha

    if you had thyroid, you have to ascertain if it is hyperthyroid or hypothyroid. google on these terms. symptons for hyper includes heart beating faster than normal, anxiety, feeling irritated. for hypo, is the opposite.

    thyroid ppl are more infertile, and will experience difficulty getting pregnant. during recovery phrase (rnge from 1 yr to 3 yr or even more), it is safe to get pregnant and even breast feed.

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