Need natural remedy for superficial infection?

My cat was mauled by a dog and has a bad infection from a wound on his belly. Can anyone reccomend something? colloidal silver? grapefruit seed extract? The vet is willing to add natural substances into the mix for healing him. This is urgent. Thank you


  • Vickie S

    try a good brand of Tea tree oil – get it at a health food store and make sure it is pure – you only need a coupe of drops to rub into and around the sore – I used it on my dog when she had an abcess on her leg and it healed it up within a week. If you need advice on where to get the best email me at and put tea tree oil in the subject. I also use this on my family when they have minor wounds. It is the most amazing stuff, it even kills nail fungus and athletes foot and even ring worm.

  • AGENT 47

    grapefruit thats torture

    if u going to maybe rubbing alchohol on scratches, stiches

    is it BLEEDING , if its bleeding u got a problem

  • leaving.florida

    Tea tree oil. You can get it in the health food store. It is really great stuff. Wash the wound with a mild cleanser and then put the tea tree oil on at least four times a day. If the wound turns red ; take your cat to the vet.

  • T_Ann

    Use Peroxide and then us some kind of antibiotic cream like neosporin or get the generic its cheaper.

  • Don E

    1.Hydrogen peroxide.2 Colloidal silver 3. Golden seal

  • fruit.nevermore

    Try crushed garlic. They’ve done studies that show the chemical allicin produced by garlic when it’s crushed kills even antibiotic resistant bacteria like staph. Plus the taste will probably make your cat not want to lick it off, and if it DOES eat the garlic it won’t be harmful. Colloidal silver on the other hand is dangerous…

  • aspirit

    The age old infection fighter is iodine.
    Clean the wound and treat it with idodine. Melaluca makes a triple antibiotic cream that works well on open cuts and it doesn’t sting.

  • Janet C

    You can either use Neosporin, if you can dress the wound, or you can take 2 goldenseal capsules, mix them in solid vegetable shortening approximately 1/8 of a cup and apply it directly to the wound.

    My girlfriend’s cat got mauled by an animal, we don’t know what kind, and had a huge gash on her foot. We applied Neosporin ointment, (which also has an anesthetic) to her foot and it healed beautifully in about a week. She changed the dressing on the cat’s foot twice. I have used the other remedy on a horse that got into some barbed wire. It healed and left no scar at all!

    Do not use Rubbing Alcohol, garlic or anything that is astringent. It will cause tremendous pain and your kitty won’t like you very much. The above remedies are soothing and kill bacteria as well. Good luck!

    Hope your kitty feels better!

  • virginia b

    I have used Ozonated Olive Oil on my cuts. It helps with the healing process. You could also try mixing organic oregano oil with tea tree oil. A website that provides great information and high tech nutraceuticals is
    This company also provides great customer service.

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