natural remedies ? help por favor? anxiety attacks.?

Alright, I have a feeling that I had an anxiety attack 2 weeks ago.
I had this dizzy feeling, an my heart started to beat fast.
I was with my mom, Im 12.
I lied down on the bed, and drank water and felt better after 6-7 minutes
Well, the doctor didn’t know what I was having since it was only the first day, I am overweight, I weighed 68 kilos, and I am 5foot.
Though the day after I started losing weight, eating healthy.
I had another anxiety attack a few days after.
The 2 weeks are up, I haven’t had an anxiety attack in a while.
Though, I still have shortness of breath, and chest pain, and abit of numbness. I used to weigh 68, now I weigh 65.
If I continue losing weight, stayin healthy, and calm the heck down will thes ephysical symptoms go away? are there any natural treatments?
or do I need medical treatment?
People with experience said they didn’t need it, and used natural remedies to heal it.
Though I don’t know those natural remedies.
help ?


  • John D

    First off, talk to your parents. Secondly, a doctor might be able to help. As for natural remedies, there are many. A basic one, as simple as it seems, is to just lie in a hot tub and relax. This will free your mind. Now, there is also aromatherapy, which is becoming quite popular. Hollistic health is also an option. Lastly, just try and get out a bit, get your mind of whatever is bugging you, because clearly something is for you to have attacks like this. Live life!

  • versantly

    eliminate caffeine and processed foods from your diet and get counseling. have your doctor rule out a medical cause.

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