• meatball7

    Yes, … there is little evidence to show any danger involved in cleansing the colon. There are different ways to support cleansing of the colon. … One is to find a certified practitioner who offers high colonics, which is essentially flushing out the colon with a rectally administered flow of water. .. It is like a high powered enema.

    The most readily available way to cleanse the colon is to eliminate all refined foods from your diet, such as breads, white rice, pasta and cakes and cookies etc., … and move to a diet high in raw fruits and veggies and whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa etc., … In addition one can supplement one’s diet with Flax seeds and or psyllium husks to increase the fiber content on your daily diet. … Many apply this by adding for example ground up flax seed to a daily blended fruit or protein drink perpared by yourself in your own kitchen.

    There are also some herbal preparations that can gently assist the liver and kidneys in doing the cleansing work that is their job to do in the body. …. Just as there are specific vitamin or mineral substances which help certain functions in the body, .. there are certain natural plants or foods which can help the liver or kidneys or colon to do what they do.


    The following link will take you to information offering a very good psyllium fiber product along with a couple of other product choices which can address other aspects of colon health;


    Also, .. make sure you drink plenty of good quality water throughout the day. Ideally, your urine should be a light yellow color. If it is dark colored, that is a sign you are not drinking enough water.

  • enemas? yes… and they make for great porn

  • Alex W

    well, it depends, the only ones i’d really suggest would be clean water enemas and espresso enemas, they’re really good, as for the other ones on the market, most of them, as far as i know, can be known to do more harm then good
    hope this helps and good luck
    and to the guy that mentioned porn, funny, sick, but funny

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  • Adrian

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