Health experts advice, please?

I’m wondering if it’s safe for a sixteen year old to try the colon cleanse.

I’ve done research on how it works but I’m still not sure if it’s safe. I’ve been -ahem-…. holding in gas a lot and I’ve always had these bloated feelings. It’s really uncomfortable to have that "full" feeling.

What are some home remedies? How long should a colon cleanse last? If there are any suggestions, please answer <3



  • darkknightstalone

    You don’t need a colon cleanse.

    Here’s what you should do.

    You may not like it, but trust me, it will help.
    Coffee, or something similar that has a lot of caffeine. Caffeine stimulates exactly what you’re looking for.

    Cabbage, or any food high in fiber.

  • miles

    here is an idea…. let that gas go… its a normal process…

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