I eat six times a day, not including the two protein shakes I have every day. I take in around 350mg of cholesterol a day, and thats as healthy as I can get it. I heard that eating whole grains helps with cholesterol. I eat a bowl of Kashi go lean, 3 Kashi granola bars, and I take garlique and fish oil pills every day. Will these things help with the cholesterol I eat.
My Daily Totals.
Fat – 38.5g
Sodium – 2060mg
Total Carbs – 280g
Protein – 184g
Cholesterol – 350mg
Saturated Fat – 6g
Fiber – 29g
Calories – 2030
And I drink about 160oz. of water.
Will the food, and pills I listed help control the cholesterol I am eating?


  • mother_amethyst

    Your body needs some cholesterol to function, that’s why we manufacture it. The less cholesterol you eat, the more your body will make.

    Eating oatmeal, and apples, both can reduce your blood cholesterol levels, because the specific kind of fiber they contain flushes cholesterol out of your blood.

    Best of luck.

  • Addie V

    If you have high Cholesterol and you are trying to balance it out.
    Eat oat meal for breakfast w/h an apple cut into cereal.
    Eat Melons they are good for lowering Cholesterol.
    Garlic added to foods,stay away from fried food of any kind.
    No sugar no sweets.No bread except for 100% whole wheat.
    Read a book at library on how to become a healthy eater.
    Best of luck,you only require 8,8oz. of water daily.(64oz.)

  • whatson e

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