Will I End Up With A Thyroid Condition?

I am 15 and a girl and I am african american.Thyroid conditions run on my dad’s side of the family and some of them have wound up with goiters and everything.None of them lost their hair that I know of though.One does have thin hair but I thin that is due to her age.But my other relative who has it has longer and thicker hair than I do.They all gained a lot of weight though.They never lost it either.I also gain weight pretty fast.I am surprised that I have lost this much.I am super scared.All my life,I have always had a weight problem.I weigh about 170 lbs and am 5"7.However,everyone says I look about 140 lbs.I have lost 10 lbs from not really doing anything,I just suddenly lost it and I haven’t gained it back.(I was 180 lbs and now I am 170 lbs.)I have nice shoulder(okay,it’s past my shoulder) length hair and it is permed and I have not noticed any significant hair loss.But I am scared that I will end up losing all of my hair to a thyroid condition in the future.I show a lot of symptoms of it.I know all of you are going to say,just go get tested for it.Is there anything I can do to prevent this?What can I do?If I discover it early,will I not lose my hair?

I am terrified of losing my hair.It took years for it to reach this length.I already have naturally fine hair and I can’t afford to lose any.I have cried thinking about a possible thyroid condition taking this from me.I am almost to break back down in tears just thinking about it.What should I do?Is there a great chance that I will get it?
Can both types of thyroidism run in a family?
Should I be worried?

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  • DR + Mrs Bears face

    You do know that this health problem runs in your family so you are more prepared than the rest of us. You are likely to notice symptoms sooner than we would.
    Get on google and learn about the symptoms to look out for. If you ever in the future show any of these symptoms you can get yourself to the doctor.
    Medical treatment of thyroidism,like everything else, is improving all the time. Being on the look out for symptoms means you will notice any before the effects are severe.
    Once you have done your research relax and stop wasting your life worrying about things that will probably never happen and you have no control over.

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