I started taking 10 mg. Paxil a week ago for accute anxiety. Since then I’ve been feeling even more nervous and have racing thoughts and thoughts I cannot control. Does anyone know of any natural alternatives to anxiety?


  • siddik.motala

    My mom has taken Paxil in the past. She wants to restart it again but I’m very keen on her not. Paxil may seem to be the answer but it actually comes with many side effects and can lead to many more illnesses.

    I myself work in the Alternative Medicine industry. As opposed to prescription drugs which have many side effects these alternative medicines are natural and won’t harm your body. Once you begin to take prescription medicine your body can not do without it and your body becomes dependent on it. Natural alternative medicine is not like that and comes without any harm and will do your body well.

    Now some things to take into consideration. It would be best to check with a Naturopath doctor. Your normal doctor is biased to Pharmaceutical prescription drugs. So s/he will not recommend these Alternative Medicines. They’ll just give you paxil. A Naturopath doctor is a Doctor specialized in treating patients with natural sources. Now a Naturopath may charge a lot. Depending on where you’re living in Canada or the U.S it may or may not matter. Some insurances companies cover the full or some portion of the cost. A Naturopath will help you greatly. They’ll take a look at what you’re taking for example Paxil and other prescription drugs etc. as well check the sicknesses you may have and then diagnose you and put you on natural medication.

    These are the Alternative sources of medicine for anxiety:

    1. St. Johns Wort
    2. 5-HTP
    3. Sam-E
    4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    5. Folic Acid
    6. Vitamin B6
    7. Vitamin B12
    8. Folic Acid
    9. Ginkgo Biloba

    If you see a Naturopath Doctor they’ll get you some of these and will help you.

    Lastly, don’t take Paxil along with the above numbered 1,2 or 3. If taking Paxil and then if you want to switch over to one of the other natural alternative medicines, you may have to give it a couple of days before you start something else. And if you’re taking Paxil and want to switch over to Alternative medicines you may have to ease of Paxil.

    I hope this helps. Please keep me posted with what goes on especially if you see a Naturopath. If you don’t please let me know; my mother has an appoint. with the Naturopath on Thurs so I may be able to keep you posted on what he prescribes.

    Alternative medicines can be found at Health Stores.

    Check these websites out:

    ( –The link shows the many alternative medicines and info on them.)

    I hope you get well soon.

    Take Care



  • weiskraut

    A much safer alternative, if you haven’t been specifically diagnosed with an serotonin problem, would be a short trial with calcium alone (particularly if you have sleeping problems as well), or a calcium / magnesium combination. Don’t forget to take at least 500 IU, or more, of Vitamin D as well.

  • Brandie

    Take 900 mg of St. John’s wart daily with 220 mg of Ginko biloba. This is an alternative to the Paxil medication. I have been on Paxil for three years and now me and my husband want to have a baby and you can not take Paxil due to heart defects. Paxil did work although better think long and hard about ever coming off it. The withdrawls are terrible and if I had to do it all over again I would have chose the natural herb and supplements. Physician’s are never upfront about the effects if you ever want to discontinue and for that I am very upset with my physician. But seriously think long and hard about taking any of these medications…

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