How to clean my Colon?

I don’t have time to do a colon cleanse but I really want to clean out my colon. Is there something easy that isn’t Nasty to drink and I can do conveniently at home?


  • EllenCathleen

    Generally our colon itself is capable of removing the wastes in the most normal way. It doesn’t require any alternative procedures for cleanse. If you follow good diet means fiber foods, leafy vegetables, fruits, grains and fish, colon can do its job perfectly. More water and regularly exercises also helpful for good colon health. So just concentrate on our diet and avoid fast and processed foods for best colon health.

    Or else go for colonic irrigation before that have a suggestion from your GI Doctor.

  • Pat B

    Your colon doesn’t need to be cleansed. It is perfectly capable of cleansing itself. When you cleanse your colon you are removing good bacteria that is needed to process waste. This is a fad that pops up every 20 or 30 years and it is worthless and can be very harmful.

    Eat your fruits and vegetables to get the fiber you need and your body will take care of itself.

  • Spotty J

    I agree with Pat, we’ve been evolving for a billion years, you think our bodies don’t know how to get ride of waste? Did your ancestors go around thinking they needed a colon cleanse?

  • La Finita

    Eat split pea and barley soup each day for a week.

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