Health and Social..what too put into my questionnaire?

I study health and social care as an AS.
i am currently doing course work on Promoting Good Health
I have to write a questionnaire to put into this coursework.

i have to include these things:
health as an absence of illness
health as a disease
health as a disorder
health as a subjective feeling of ilness
personal health responsibility

Could anyone help with any of these subjects.

Thank You 🙂 x

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  • not d baby Daddy


    It’s very simple though. You could easily google these mostly definitions.

    1. definition: health is measured by an absence of evidential illness

    2. disease is the cause of bad health

    3. health is the lack of a disorder that is found

    4. One feels ill or not and that determines the relative health of the person

    5. It is the person’s responsibility to maintain their health either by regular checkups ie teeth cleanings and exams or by reporting a discorder that is felt to the Dr. ASAP if necessary.

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