Does Niacin lower cholesterol?

I’ve heard that Niacin No Flush can help lower cholesterol pretty well, is that true?

Is this what I want?


  • onlymatch4u

    It is never, ever good to take isolated "B" vitamins and especially commercially prepared bottles of "B" vitamins because they are synthetic and made from the petroleum distillate, COAL TAR. If you have elevated cholesterol, you need to make sure you are NOT using the doctor – drug company recommended levels because they are too low and are causing lots of problems as a result.

    The best thing you can do to reduce the bad guy, LDL pattern 2 cholesterol is to eliminate GRAINS, SUGAR, and CORNSTARCH from your diet and that will reduce the bad guy in days far better than drugs that also harm your body. All the "B" vitamins benefit your liver greatly, but they must be from once living sources or those made in your intestines by the intestinal flora. A man should have cholesterol readings between 200 and 240 total cholesterol and a woman 240 to 300 for longevity and good health. Coronary Calcium and hystamine proteins are far more important things to watch out for than your cholesterol. If your cholesterol jumps up or down quickly, that’s when you need to pay attention because that’s an indication of inflammation or infections that can create problems for you.

    ALL of the GNC products are synthetic chemical activators and all the pills contain really bad excipients like magnesium stearate and are produced by big pharma. Not good products.

    good luck to you

  • bledi d

    Yes, recent studies have shown that niacin can be like a treatment for high cholesterol. Clinical evidence you may check it out here

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