my mom is 46 years old.. The following is the lipid profile::
total cholesterol:229 mg/dl
triglycerides:150 mg/dl
H.D.L :40 mg/dl
L.D.L: 159 mg/dl
V.L.D.L : 30 mg/dl
are medications necessary for her??
height:5 ft 3”
weight 52 Kg


  • matador89

    I add a link with details of cholesterol

    However, as cholesterol is a very debatable subject, you might find the details in the next link of interest.

    Hope this helps
    matador 89

  • Leonides K

    Absolutely. Her LDL is far too high and should be reduced by 20-30 points At least. Proper diet and medication should do the trick. It would be wise for her to take a small aspirin a day along with the cholesterol med she will be taking. The doctor should be able to fix her up.

  • cheryl v

    her cholesterol is to high,her good cholesterol is to low and her bad is to high.if she cant get it down with diet and exercise then she needs to be on meds,eating oatmeal will lower your cholesterol ,dont eat fried foods eat garlic,and if nothing else walk.

  • Bart S

    The chlesterol level needs dealing with but the triglycerides level is normal. This is probably best done through diet with perhaps some temporary blood thinning medication for now.

  • wiseowl_00

    no study has EVER shown a benefit for women to be taking statins. If you are a woman the downside of taking statins outweigh any benefit.

  • Tim B

    Eat less animal fat, like cheese, eggs & meat.
    Don’t eat before bed.

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