Are there any risks in taking Colon Cleansing pills?

My brother-in-law was telling my husband and I about his friend that took them and he said they work great. We’re going to get some at GNC today and we want to know more about them. We don’t want to have the whole tube-up-the-butt thing so we hear that the pills work the same. Is that true? Colon cleansing apparently makes you feel tons better so we want to try it.
another question, do they really work? do they really make you feel better? we would only take them like every 6 months, you’re only supposed to cleanse your colon like once a year or something.


  • Richard

    It is important to have a clean colon. A lot of health challenges are related to unhealthy colon. Toxins generated in colon can diffuse into our system to cause problems. I personally used a product called NutriClean . It is a seven-day cleansing product. The NutriClean System is an excellent cleansing tool for optimal digestive, liver and colon health. There are three components to the NutriClean system that work in a team effort to provide a cleansing rejuvenating effect in order to maintain proper digestive health and promote maximum performance from each of these vital systems. To ensure proper health it is beneficial to begin with a clean slate. NutriClean 7-Day System is a three-pronged approach that works diligently to purify the blood and organs as it simultaneously flushes out the colon and supports the body’s natural processes of restoration and cleansing. With three components – HepatoCleanse capsules provide cleansing for the liver, Release tablets cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and enhance peristalsis and Fiber Powder provides much needed fiber and good bacteria for the colon. When taken as directed each evening, the NutriClean Digestive and Colon Maintenance System not only provides you with a proactive means to ensure better colon health, but also several associated benefits as well.

  • sapphire_630

    If you take them more than two weeks at a time your digestive system can become dependent on NEEDING them.
    I use them occasionally when I feel bloated to cleanse my system. Like initially a week and then only once in awhile when you feel really bloated.

  • Claudia L

    If you don’t trust the Pills go natural. I drink Sauerkraut Juice for one day. It will clean you and same time it will burn the Fat. Drink lots of fluids for the following three days.

  • Nobody ever NEEDS colon "cleansing" except when you’re going to have a GI procedure (like a colonoscopy). The pills and other supplements are just scams on gullible people.

  • professional_clerical85

    I usually do an all natural cleanse with alfalfa leaf powder. I would steer clear of harsh pills and stick to barks, leaves, and flowers. That can natural "unclog" you insides and give you a fresh healthy cleanse. Hope this helps.

  • chandu.salgar s

    i want to go for it, even i want to know are there any risk in going for that.

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