What is your understanding of occupational health and safety?

What is your understanding of occupational health and safety? (Tell me what you know about safety in the workplace


  • Natalie Louise

    Hey Vlad

    Well Occupational Health and Safety is quite often occupation specific. If you’re a builder for example, you’ll need to learn about things such as correct lifting procedures, using safety switches on tools and appliances, lifting objects in teams, working at heights etc, whereas a nurse will have training in areas such as aggressive patient management, correct techniques in disposing of biological waste, hand washing etc and an office worker would having training in correct posture in their chair at work, keeping cords out of foot ways etc.
    There are some basic occupational health and safety features that apply to all job specifications, most likely to do with lifting and keeping the place of employment safe for all workers. Most of them are about working in a team and knowing the correct evacuation procedures and at all times, having someone who is first aid trained on site.
    Is there something specific you wish to know? You can study to be an occupational health and safety advisor / inspector in australia. You can do this as a tafe course meaning you can train people in occupational health and safety and also inspect worksites by working for work safe or a similar organisation.

  • peachesnembers

    Well, it’s all about keeping the workers’ health and safety in check in their work stations. Engineers and construction people work in sites where debris might fall, so they put protective nets over the building and wear hard hats. Technicians in chemical factories wear protective gears, masks and goggles in case there are spills and vapors. They also undergo medical/diagnostic exams.

    Read up more on the topic, start here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupational_safety_and_health.
    Hope that helps.

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